24 thoughts on “Snapper Rear Engine Rider Belt Replacement

  1. Thanks for this video. Start to finish took me all of 10 minutes.  Only thing I did different was to stand the mower up on the rear stand.  Worked great.

  2. I have just spent the day doing what I thought were the complicated tasks in repairing (welding) the flange/collar back into one piece and then welding that to the spindle, only to be totally stumped about how to get the belt to mount on the pulleys.  I believe the tips here will solve the problem, and I will know for sure tomorrow morning when I try the method kindly shared.  Thanks

  3. Good video I have to change my belt when the new one comes in tomorrow. I only pulled the cover but after watching your video I'll go ahead and pull the seat as well.

  4. Really a good video..changed belt on daughter's mower in less than an hour.  Video saved me alot of sweat and frustration I am sure…Well Done

  5. Thanks for the tips in the video! I changed my belt in less than 15 minutes with your help. I changed my 28" deck to a used 30". How much play is there when adjusting the length of the tube? I don't have much play in the belt and the blade runs when the engine runs. Thanks. 

  6. Hey tloc3385 I got my belt on perfect and had to slide the tubing back. Did you have to adjust your brakes afterwards? Great video by the way. Took about 15 minutes.

  7. Super helpful! The manual didn't say anything about shifting into other gears, this was what made it possible for me to fix it myself. Thanks!

  8. as usual the hard parts get skipped and the self explanatory pulley belt stuff covered over and over…lemme tell you about some low hangin fruit procedures

  9. handy info, some belts are 73.5 inches and some are 73 so take a wild guess which one snapper heads prefer…thats right the shorter one will do better

  10. After watching, I 85% understand what we're doing here, haha, thanks for the posting. This is mostly "try it snd you'll get it right kinda", yet of the four times I've done this one mower's belts over the DECADES, always did it right till last time when I magically got it half right. Have not found better than a parts diagram on the 'net, so the film is great, thanks! Just not real clear view of rear section, which would BE hard to show

  11. To take the "plastic cover" off, be sure to drop the mowing deck to its lowest position.  This video does show the mowing deck lowered, but there is no comment about it, or at least I didn't hear any.

  12. There is a lever / handle pointing straight down on the back of the mower about 3 inches left of the drive wheel … PULL IT TOWARDS THE REAR END AND THE DRIVE DISK DROPS DOWN!!! all of this crap about shifting to 5th or lifting the engine is pure goofiness and unnecessary as fuck all.

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