14 thoughts on “Snapper riding mower

  1. Could you do a video of the charging system on one of these I just got one exactly like yours that's not charging the battery and I'm almost shure I'm missing parts

  2. from the looks of it that looks like a series 5, 33115s, he said the engine was replaced and most people go for the 12hp briggs so it originally had a 11 hp briggs just like my 1984 series 5.

  3. I believe that one is a 33" deck. Its the largest of the Hi-vac decks they sold. The smaller one is the 28". The non Hi-vac decks had corners on them and were 30" or 26". They also made a 42" deck with 3 very short blades. Its cut was horrible. Another one had a 41" 2 blade deck,, I have 2 of them I got for parts.

  4. Hey look on the side of the engine that has the sparkplug and there will be three sets of numbers. look at the set that is farthest to the right and the first 2 numbers will be the year. like if it said 8948573783 then it would be a 1989 year model . atleast you would know the year of the engine .

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