Snorkel Spearfishing the Trout Pond (Freshwater)

I use a spear fishing pole to hunt down stocked trout and bass in my freshwater pond to do a catch and cook at the small offgrid cabin. Combination of snorkel, freediving to get some super interesting underwater footage with my gopro. Unlike scuba diving, you have to actually hold your breath. Spearfishing like this is harder than it looks, but it’s super fun!

You will get a really interesting underwater perspective in this freshwater pond. I’ll even sneak up on a frog at the edge. You can see all the different types of weeds in the pond, from cattails to duckweed. Minnows, turtles, you never know what we might find! The goal is to get one of our big rainbow trout to cook it up over an open fire.

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33 thoughts on “Snorkel Spearfishing the Trout Pond (Freshwater)

  1. hey there is a video about getting so clear so you can watch right through the water so clear I just have forgotten his name though he is Korean or a chines scientist who did this experiment and it's totally organic so you don't worry about your fish

  2. If you have a well close by you could pump a small but steady stream of cold well water into the pond. A few days of that will really drop the temp.

  3. Put pike inside unstead of trout.. pike can live in warmer water and almost with out of oxygen.. you just torture the trout in that pond.. it's good maybe for koi carp but not for trout.

  4. @TheWoodedBeardsmam try twisting the rubber around your pole spear as you pull the rubber to get more tension to get more speed and power when you release I do a lot of spearfishing here on Kauai

  5. Chris those steel forged items were amazing , but please keep your shirt on that white Canadian skin of yours blinded me ay. Hehehehehehehehehehehe
    Like always I enjoy your outdoors living and keep up the good work.
    God bless y'all

  6. Love your videos brother. If you could somehow fit a quick conversion on screen for us in the US when you mention temperature that’d be nice. but you do you 💯

  7. Find someone who mass produces ice and throw a bunch of it in the pond. When my drink is too warm I throw ice in it, problem solved lol

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