Snow Blower Carburetor Clean

My Sno-Tek 24″ Snow Blower needs a Carb Clean, Here’s a how to!

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46 thoughts on “Snow Blower Carburetor Clean

  1. Awesome. thanks buddy. I'll try this tomorrow. I got the same exact blower. where can i get a carb rebuild kit for that newer carb???

  2. I'm going through the same BS. except mine will stall 2 mins later…it was working fine until I had to work in the rain then it went shit on me 15mins into my work.. ( i'm in the snow removal business so I had to work in the rain just to keep all of the fuckers happy) I have the 24 inch Ariens with the 205cc briggs and Stratton motor… your blower is made by the same people,, just 1 level below ( cheaper) I'll try this out ,,thank you for making this video it looks simple enough ,,,hope to save some $$$$$

  3. OH crap.  Mine is a 208 cc cub cadet  OHV.  It sat all summer with old gas in it.  I tried to start it to no avail.  I then, took off both screws off the bottom of the car bowl.  Gas dripped out.  I didn't know that one of the screws was for adjustment. OH my….!!!!wHAT DO i DO?            Anyway, with the bowl off, there was lots of ice inside that bowl.  I used a heat gun and melted the ice away. I then put the bowl back up with its gasket, and tightened both of the bottom screws and added fuel.  Tank was empty.   Should one be open a bit?In the end, it wont start. It won't even POP  Was it because I just tightened, tight both screws? does one let the fuel in?

  4. Thanks a lot! Your 2.5 yr old video continues to help.I bought a new Ariens snow blower last year. Had trouble starting and running from the start. Took dozens of pulls. This year no start at all.I stumbled across your video after searching for my particular engine so must be the Same or similar to this…I did not know where the carb even was much less yo u could clean it it without total dissambly.Your video was great…I went out and duplicated what you did ri th the away at 1 am last night for this mornings storm.
    It worked perfectly!The blower started with not even a full pull and ran perfectly!

  5. I have a storm 2410 troy built snow blower won't start sat for 3 years brand new never bin run can't get it to start can you give me some tips to get it started thanks

  6. great video I had a snowblower for several years but today is the 1st time it didn't start I followed all your steps and it worked started rite up ….big snow tomorrow here in NYC….I am ready

  7. Do not dip your gasket in oil, use silicone spray or nothing at all. Lift the machine to lay on its face i.e. where the snow goes into the machine as you will have easier access. Keep a few sewing needles in your toolbox to clean the jet. Good luck

  8. Great video. Carb clogged over the summer and the first gas of the season all leaked out of the bowl. Dismantled as shown and was not shy with the carb cleaner spray. Good tip to clean the screwdriver too. Assembled, gassed up and she ran smooth after 6 pulls : )My leaked changed from a gush to occasional drip. Replacing the gaskets on the bowl screw and bowl top should fix that. Was able to move 24" of New Jersey snow out of an 80' driveway (8" at a time) with my single stage 179cc toy. My family, back and butt are grateful!

  9. I live in Maine. Also known as Canada Junior. Fuel quality here is horrible for attracting moisture. A cure for most of our small engine woes is to frequent our local airport and get five gallons of aviation fuel. A little pricey, but it never attracts moisture and has no shelf life. GO HABS!

  10. Thank goodness for guys like yourself. Have a Husqvarna 208cc snowblower that wouldn't start. Was ready to haul it in to a small engine shop and probably fork over $100+, but instead I watched this short video, bought some carb cleaner for $8, spent about 20 minutes in the garage, and it started first pull. Thank you!

  11. Thanks great video. My Ariens machine would not start. Using your tips I was able to clean my carb and get the machine to start right up! Made my Saturday much better!!!

  12. Thanks for the video! Great instructions. My Snowthrower starts up and runs for a minute and then quits. I'm going to clean the carb and let you know whether that fixes the problem. I have done this with other gas powered equipment due my negligence in emptying the gas after each winter… now I am paying the price! Lesson learned: run it dry after the last snow.

  13. HELP! 🙂 Great video with clear instructions and good camera work. But… What I need help with is removing the air filter in order to get to the top of the carburetor. At 3:33, is that the air filter at top center, the gray thing with the hole in the side of it? Is that just the cover (like a heat shield), and the filter is in a fist-shaped housing underneath it? If so, then I think I need to remove those 2 nuts that are holding down that strange, half-circle silver clamp or washer like thing.

    If that's correct so far, problem is those tabs that are turned up, right against the nuts, which prevent a socket from fitting over the nuts. First of all, if I remove those 2 nuts, will that get me to the top of the carburetor, so I can spray some starter fluid into the carburetor? And if so, am I supposed to bend those tabs down out of the way to be able to remove the nuts? Why is it like that? And if that's NOT the way to get to the open carburetor, can you refer me to a video that would show me what to do?

    I would love to get this thing started and running tonight, so that I can use it in the morning. Snow has been on the ground for days! Machine won't start, probably because I didn't drain the gas after last season AND failed to use fuel stabilizer. My big bad.


  14. I googled SnoTek carburetor clean as my 26" would not start – I thought I had winterized by draining, running the engine dry and adding some ethanol fuel stabilizer just for good measure, but neglected to drain and cleanout the carb. I watched your video, although minor differences on the 26" from your 24", had carb cleaner, air, walked it through carefully like you said, then put it all back together and the sucker started right up and is purring like a kitten. THANKS.

  15. Good video. I have the same snowblower,i tried everything but still couldn't get it to stop surging.So what I ended up doing was drill a little bigger hole in the low fuel jet.It's a plastic jet tucked under the black plastic idle screw.Runs like a charm after I did this.I believe it is a design flaw.Thanks for the video

  16. Just wanted to let you know that you helped another person out. Just got done and this worked perfectly. Definitely saved me some money. Thanks for doing the video.

  17. This is good but don't run a wire in the jet. OK, it is copper, so it is a soft metal. If you force it, thinking you have a lump of something blocking the hole. The wire scratch the jet slightly and it will never run good again, until the jet is replaced. Use air. Have none? That's ok. If there is a chunk of crud. Usually it will be a gelatin like coagulation of water and gas or just heavy varnish (enough to do to the jet what a wire forced through will do). Carb cleaner solvent sprayed in and left for a few minutes will free that and the force of the spray with the little red tube to inject it is enough to blow anything out. Do it a few times. Solvent works better because you are poking at something like sticky jello, not a chunk of sugar. So do what he says but don't use the wire. Most carbs have that bolt on the bottom to hold the float bowl up and there is no adjustment. Don't overtighten it or you will dimple the bowl and it will leak. Snug is good. You can always make it more snug or get another gasket. Just hard finger tight is more than enough. Carb metals are all really soft nothing should be cranked on, or reamed, with metal and a 1/4 inch driver. He got that idea from some real old school info that was wrong then too. Overall, this is an excellent video.

  18. why is it my lawn mower will run fine for 10 years needing no service and which is used far more often than the snowblower and yet the blower which is only 4 years old won't run likely a dirty carb?

  19. I was about to send my snow blower out for repair, even though I knew I would eventually be able to figure out how to fix it myself. ScareCorp Gears, Thanks for the inspiration. Fixed and running great!

  20. Mine used to act up like this an call me lazy, but I don't feel like removed the fuel after each season, an each season it acted up more, until I found Lucus ehtonal fuel cleaner an I was unsure would this work for me. After buy the product an finding some age to perfection seal gas can probably 4+ years an yes it has ehtonal base 10% an I poured the treated gas into the snow blower, an with in 5mins give or take, started to run better with out chocking an more like new before I knew it. Just saying, try a fuel cleaner that cleans today's new fuels before you start tearing the machine apart can save you addition pain. Cool video, an I'm in the buffalo NY area…

  21. Hey good video. I own ST 24 also. Just wondering why you didn't take that front plate off for complete access to the carb? It is only a few screws and real easy to remove.

  22. Thanks for making this video. I got a Sno-Tek 26" from a friend who moved to the South. Couldn't get it started. Watched your video and cleaned the carburetor. (I used Berryman B-12. Added to the gas tank, too.) It started on the first pull. Thanks!

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