Snowblower Starter Rope Repair On Briggs & Stratton Engine

In this easy to follow video tutorial I show you how to replace the starter rope on your snowblower with a BRIGGS & STRATTON engine.

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45 thoughts on “Snowblower Starter Rope Repair On Briggs & Stratton Engine

  1. Great videos donyboy73. Thanks for taking the time and effort to produce them all. I sure learn alot. Thanks for sharing all your great knowledge and experience!

  2. Bravo Don; Great video and very thorough, as always. One thing that I thought I should point out: when you show melting the rope end, you do not have "super fingers" (or maybe you do), but you used the old mechanic's trick and wet your fingers with spit before hand. A word of caution if you try this; Melted nylon sticks really good to your skin and will leave a painful burn. A shop rag or as you pointed out, gloves is the safest method.

  3. Smashing job :-)), ive done that on my mower, but i wound the spring one turn at a time untill the handle seated ok, didnt want to brake the spring.

  4. Hi Don great video! I just want to say I am subscribed not to save the money but time. The machines often brake down in middle of a job and you have to drive equipment to your mechanic which is far away and job is piles up. Some small tip and tricks is always useful. Thanks you very much for that and keep coming! 🙂 PS: I hope that my english is well.

  5. i love watching your videos even if it's about something i've never done of have….your just that good…and thanks so much for taking time to make these

  6. hey don my homelite chainsaw the pull starter coil wont retract once a while ive tried fixing it and i decided to come to you it is the same saw as the bike you did with the saw  i am trying but i need a bit of help from you

  7. This is an excellent video.Saw the video and just replaced the started rope on my Briggs & Stratton engine on my Ariens snowblower. Thanks very much for the great video!

  8. What if it was pop riveted on? Do you just drill the rivets out? If so, then what do you use to secure it back in?

  9. recoil starters!!!! i remember when i first started out. i thought recoil starters were the worst things to fix. now i can do them almost blind folded. how did u know that it took 60 inches of rope?

  10. Thank you, Don! Your video CLEARLY shows how to change the starter rope fairly easily, plus your verbal descriptions are very helpful also. Great service to someone like me who approaches these kinds of jobs with anxiety! All the best! Robert

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