1. This is the best video that I have seen for finding the compression stroke (TDC).More importantly, I laughed like hell when that balloon popped up. It reminded me of my youth when my balloon would pop up.

  2. Awesome video, very clearly explained. Thank you.  The part where you showed the valves and explained how they were closed made it easier for me to understand what was happening.

  3. hey brother just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you do, your advice and guidance through Jesus. I feel like having that connection with you is awesome on its own but being a striving diyer with my wannabe racecar im trying to fix my blow by. I drive a 1995 mitsubishi eclipse gst. Its a maintenance freak, but just when I thought the maintenance was over the blow by was caught during a leak down test video I saw of yours. I opened the throttle and heard no hiss so barely and leakage. exhaust was the same. but the dipstick was letting a LOT of air out. So I ripped the bolt ons off and am tearing into taking off the head. All thanks to your motivation through Christ. God bless. Ill leave you with this brother. It touches my heart.

    "Can a woman forget her sucking child? Yes, though she may forget you, I will NOT forget you. See I have ENGRAVEN your names in the palms of my hands. "

    Jesus has holes in his hands. He died for us. God bless you brother please do a video on fixing piston ring blow by. My friend is telling me to run less than .20 rings. Car was running perfect and then I realized the blow by wasnt just from valve stem leakage.

  4. At the moment I am working on my Honda del sol 1.6 d16z6. just got done from doing the head gasket this is my first project car and have some experience. My problem is that the car won't Start I did the timing right all the marks are right on.but what i didn't know was about the compression TDC I had now idea about this till I watched your video. As soon as I get home I'm going to do as you just showed me but is there any way I can contact you if I need more help. thank you

  5. my 320d 2003 snapped an intake cam shaft, never attempted major engine overhaul but do all other repairs myself and servicing…. as per your other video i like your motto theres nothing you cannot do , do not listen to the haters…. love it. Your videos have given me the inspiration to get that head off and do the repair myself. Thanks!

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