SOLAR AIR PUMP For The FISH POND (Amazing)! | RIP Clark Spent :{

The Dug Out Dude ( will ship anywhere in the USA and Canada Contact Randy to get your direct air aerator now! Randy Ehman at phone 780-523 2999 or 780-523 1043 (cell).

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The Dugout Dude’s main purpose is to assist people with water quality issues as it pertains to dugouts. Randy’s video:

With a former background in Alberta Agriculture as a Water
Technician, The Dug Out Dude can give you the down and dirty of what you need to know about your dugout. Randy specialises in treatment of dugouts for water quality issues, for a better quality of country life.

These aerators work super awesomely! Too bad it’s late for our number #1 fish.

We will show you just how easy it is to install the direct drive solar aerators. If you can put a post in the ground, you can install the dug out dude’s aerator.

“The Dug Out Dude” will ship his solar panels to the US or Canada. These panels use the sun and convert directly to pumped air through a hose and submerged stone to supply air to a pond. These are great for cleaning up algae and supplying much needed oxygen to fish. As long as you have sunshine, you can supply air to your pond.

Sadly Clarke Spent, our monster 5 pound fish passed away suddenly and thrashing for unknown reasons. Likely from poor oxygenation, too much algae, too little food, or to high water temperatures! It’s hard to know the exact reason for our pond failure, but we can at least do something about the oxygen levels.

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Lyndon offers both fish stock for ponds of any sort as well as stocked pond fishing, fly fishing, and fishing of any sort for kids to adults. You can book corporate events, or a day with the kids. Lyndon will show you how to clean the fish and even rent you a rod and real. Just show up and fish!

The fastest way to dig a big pond is to use the help of a qualified excavator. This excavator normally digs out house foundations and the operator has years of experience digging giant holes in the ground and removing mountains of material.

You will need to find out what kind of soil you are working with. Is it clay, clay-loam and sandy loam are best for holding water. You will want to avoid limestone, shale, sand and gravelโ€”they leak. Except in our case since the gravel is actually part of the ground water, which is ideal. You can ask around to find out if your pond will leak or will hold water year round. You don’t want your pond to dry up in the middle of the summer.

Our plan to excavate the remainder of the pond, pushing the size out to about a half acre in size and a water depth of around 8 feet. 15 feet is more ideal, but our base is shale and therefore can not be dug any deeper.

A trout pond is very difficult to establish, but it is very possible to do correctly if you know what the fish need.

Aeration of the pond is something we will be exploring as we see how the season develops. We are hopeful that water remains cool so dissolved oxygen in the water remains high.

After we dig the pond, we will let is sit for a few weeks before putting our fish in the pond. Ideally you will let the pond sit for a full year, but we are not patient enough for this.

Lyndon Fish Pond

1745 Huron Rd
New Dundee, Ontario
Call (519) 696-3474


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32 thoughts on “SOLAR AIR PUMP For The FISH POND (Amazing)! | RIP Clark Spent :{

  1. I'm not expert but scuds could be a good addition to the pond they eat algae and reproduce fast, useful as food to the fish and are harmless to animals, people. Also adding plants could help a lot too. Look for small organisms that eat algae, etc, etc.

  2. Barley straw. Will get rid if the pond skum. You could grow it near the pond. Or buy a few bales from a farmer. Just toss a bale or 3 in. Helps the fish so the dont have to fight the skum.

  3. Construct a V- twin hot gas Stirling engine that has a solar vacume tube heat pipe for each cylinder head that provides the hot gas cycle. Have a starting electric motor that kicks on from a sensor ounce the solar vacume tube's have heated up that kicks over the hot gas cycle. The Stirling engine pumps water circulates the water and oxygenate 's the water add a automatic transmission to the other flywheel attach a large drum motor rewired into electrical power generation configuration switch out bearing's to magnetic bearing's for a electrical power generation system has well. ๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿ‘

  4. Filter system with frequency emitter currently being used in hydropnic system's to oxygenate the water. You can set up a filter system to circulate the water and oxygenate the water and you could even install an ultraviolet light to kill off bacteria has your cycling the water. ๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿ‘

  5. Pardon me if this has addressed but you really need to shelter the black, solar heated hose but even more, if you are worried about warm pond water, you need to figure out a way to furnish the coolest air into your pumps which are heating air already.
    If the ground is impossible to trench to lay in a cooling pipe for air source, a mound of heavy rock that will always be out of sync with the ambient air is another cooling source. Good luck!

  6. Hey brother from another mother:) you should try using some of that algae to fertilize your garden. You'll be surprised how well it works

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