8 thoughts on “Solenoid to switch test craftsman lt1000 lt2000 lt4000

  1. Not yet but. If it was me I would have some one actuate the lever we watching the cable and spring and see if they attemt to move If they dont at all the cable is stuck. If the cable moves but the deck doesn't then check out my video on deck top reasembly and take it apart and lube it good

  2. Solenoid on my tractor has power to it, fuse is good. Has no power coming out of the switch harness. I don't have a meter, just a test light.

  3. I have a LT4000 and brakes don't work.  Disks assembly seems fine but doesen't seem to catch inside gear box area.  Any thoughts? 

  4. I have a lt4000 that only starts when I jump it with cables. It's a new battery and it cranks right up when I connect the cables to car battery. I tested the solenoid with my continuity tester and it's working. Do you have a idea as to what else could be the problem?

  5. Sorry to be a bother, but I have a Craftsman and it won't start. I changed to solenoid (2x thought maybe bad "new"), battery and fuse (15 amp), but nothing. I hear a faint click at the carburetor (pump?) and I can short across the solenoid terminals and it cranks and starts. Ohm the "dead-man's switch" and connector and they appear good. When I first tried to start it this season it acted like it didn't have enough power so I used an auto-charger and it quickly charged to 100%. It barely turned, then it got to the point that it would only turn in short surges, then nothing at all… period. I'm thinking either cultch switch or ignition, but I'm tired of buying parts. All of the above repair attempts were futile, any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thank you…

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