18 thoughts on “Start & Run 1974 8HP Briggs and Stratton Tiller Engine

  1. the recoil starter on this engine is just like I have. I need to figure out how the broken hook on my recoil spring connects to the pulley. Found your video on the starter clutch but you did not need to work on the starter pulley recoil. Can you help me figure this out?

  2. Any idea what the part number is for that muffler ? I put my model number in at the briggs power portal where we order all of our parts, I found my model number but the type isn't found. Theres I think 565 different model 19 types !

    Would any muffler like that off a model 19 work on mine ? Heck at work all we do is put in the numbers , get the part numbers , order if not in stock and put them on. My 1977 is the oldest engine my boss seen come through the doors in 10 years

  3. I have the exact same engine on my dad's old Craftsman tiller. It doesn't have the original cowling cover so I don't have the correct model number and type number. Would you mind sharing that with me? I need to replace the breather tube. Thanks

  4. How do you find parts for those old motors. I have a 1979 11hp vertical shaft motor and I’m trying to find a gasket kit and some rings. Ps this will be my first rebuild. Your videos make it look easy

  5. hello im rebuilding a briggs 12.5 hp mn 289707 series number 0113011 i cant find for the life of me the specs for ring and valve clearances to be sure its right not good at looking stuff up i will use my best judgement if i don't here back but would be greatfull if i did even some one in comment section honing cylinder lapping valves and new piston and rings

  6. Hey Mon Ami ……………. I have no idea what happened with me being subbed to your channel ???? I was subbed and then all of a sudden I wasn't subbed ……….

    You Tube is getting funny nowadays…. I used to comment on your vids and you used to comment back all the time ……………

    Anyway great video ……… And I am gonna catch up on your recent videos …………..

    Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

  7. I was wondering if you could help me out to wire 200-230 hp 1/2 a GE fan motor blower to a house outlet. The motor does have a white wire so I can not figure out which wire I could connect a neutral wire to.

  8. on these older engines, do you need additives for the valves with unleaded gas? what about propane conversions. 😛 ty

  9. I still think all you had to do to that sweet 'L' head pick it a tune. Nice motor. I'd like to have one of those over that newer 5 on the splitter but it runs in spite of all the plastic parts. Keep on wrenching and picking!

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