Starter Gear Replacement Briggs/Stratton Craftsman Riding Mower (EASY TRICK)

Simple trick on how to replace a starter gear on a Briggs and Stratton engine starter.
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This starter gear is pretty standard on most Briggs & Stratton engine starters.



14 thoughts on “Starter Gear Replacement Briggs/Stratton Craftsman Riding Mower (EASY TRICK)

  1. Fantastic! working on mine right now and going to do this. why Craftsman put that starter hinge bolt up under the flywheel to make it so you have to pull flywheel is beyond me. Thank You!!

  2. Way to go Joe! Really cool trick. I used my dremel with a grinding burr and only needed to cut in four teeth to pop out the pinion gear. You saved me a lot of hassle. As for some of the other commentaries: yes, the retainer ring took a little cussing but once you hold down the retainer/spring cap and pry a small screw driver under one of the ends of the retainer ring and get it started I was able to get a bite with my duck bills and pop it rite off as well. Putting it back on is pretty much reverse order using two pliers. One to hold and push on the ring in the back and the other plier to get an end started until it pops back into the groove. And yes, of course if you let it get away it will almost assuredly turn invisible and vanish.

  3. Mr. Z; You left out the hardest 2 steps [for me anyway]. #1 – taking the Snap (aka: Retaining) Ring that holds the Cupped Spring, Coil Spring, and Cap onto the Starter's Shaft. And worse; #2 – putting that #@%$! Retaining Ring back on. That Ring is excellent at popping off and going who knows where, especially when you have it ALMOST back on the shaft. I have tried many different ideas/tools, including a cylinder whose ID fits over the Starter's shaft, but its OD is just a few MM larger than the unexpanded snap Ring.
    It helps if you have at least 3 hands, 4 is even better, especially if they are small! 🙂
    I would not grind the Ring Gear. I back off the 2 long screws (5/16") that hold the Starter's body and 2 ends together and then gently tapping the top of the Starter's Shaft. Eventually the Starter will drop down enough to allow the needed clearance to replace the Pinion. Or you can remove the Starter
    I notice the video appears to leave out the curved (cupped) spring steel 'washer' that goes under the Coil Spring.
    Whoever has a solution to replacing the Snap Ring will receive a well deserved "Atta Boy or Atta Girl'. Thanks, Murf

  4. By grinding metal off of the fly wheel will take the fly wheel out out of balance and then you are not in balance by the factory settings

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