22 thoughts on “STARTER REBUILD on KOHLER KT-S 17HP Bobcat-UTV Engine .wmv

  1. @gregmporter What are you working on there friend ,
    Most times parts can be found at an AUTO ELECTRIC DEALER
    Brushes are cheap enough 12-14 $ / Bendix around 35

  2. @MrMrtiki I'm working on an old Karmann Ghia. It has a one year only alt. and I have a few of them that should be rebuildable. I also have a couple doggy starters that need to be repaired. Never done any auto electric rebuilds. I'll look up auto electric dealers and see what I can find. Thanks!

  3. @gregmporter Pretty well brushes are all the same make even if you can find something very close you see how easy it was to fit that one brush in my starter a flat file will do the job very easy just keep fitting it though if this has to be done , bushings can be found at most napa dealers .

  4. @savagenomore Are you mechanically inclined Briggs is quite easy to fix it`s very close to this one I have a new Briggs starter sitting here doing nothing –First thing is hows the Power supply charge the Battery overnight test it – still slow take the back cap off see if there`s (carbon) brushes touching commintator -then do a lube to the end caps & bendix bushing use white grease see if free turning reasemble try again if not Email me back I`ll talk U thru it -THANKS FOR WATCH N

  5. @savagenomore Continuity grease will work too you can use this stuff on spark plugs to keep the boot from sticking when it`s time to change them makes the spark better too remove plug boot give small squeeze reinstall . Get this at Auto supply store cheap it`s clear .

  6. I use an old CD with a channel cut into it to the center to hold the brushes down for reassambily. It works great. Thank you for the video.

  7. M y bolts go thru and attach to the engine. The 2 bolts hold the whole assembly together when screwed to the engine. In other words when you take the 2 bolts off be ready to hold the starter together or the end cap comes off where the brushes are. Could not get the locknut off so I taped 2 brushes down then the other 2 . I put the cap on and pulled the tape out. A bit of a process but it worked. Your way is much easier ~!~!

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