10 thoughts on “Starter solenoid autopsey on a Murray rider

  1. Why would you bother to replace a bad murray starter solenoid with another one that will fail in no time. Just go to your local auto parts store and buy a ford external starter solenoid that has 3 terminals (93 Mustang) and use that instead.

  2. I just bought one at Advance Auto Parts for 11.18 including tax and it has a lifetime warrantee on it. It is part # BWD Starter Relay S63P. There is plenty of room on my Murray 38" riding tractor and it fits easily on my Craftsman 30" riding mower. The one I bought would fit a 65 Ford Mustang, Falcon etc. and you might just have one lying around the shop. Thanks for the video as it never hurts to learn something new.

  3. And i was just watching you do the starter video and after the end this appeared from last year, dam its on starter solinoids and its raining ha ha, could have been yesterday 🙂

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