6 thoughts on “Starting an Ariens Sno-Thro® with a Briggs & Stratton Engine | Ariens®

  1. ”We got about 6 inches of powdery snow.Recommended>https://t.co/UPqJOmt0y8  < I have a large driveway about 40 ft x 50 ft, sidewalk, RV pad and backyard area for the dogs. The snow joe cleared it all in about an hour. It never got plugged up. The only slight downside is having to mess with cord and the chute would sometimes move a bit if the control handle was up and gravity pulled it down. But other than that it was all thumbs up. Would definitely recommend. It even chewed through the 10 inch pile left by the snow plow at the end of the driveway.”

  2. .Perhaps you can remake this video with a more energetic speaker and who moves around and does not speak in a boring monotone.

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