21 thoughts on “Starting Problems 14.5hp OHV Briggs & Stratton – Help!

  1. OHV – NEEDS VALVE ADJUSTMENTS – OPEN YOUR OHV COVER. If you are able to TURN easier, then you know the OHV VALVE needs adjusting. Also, Check your Oil, sometimes it's TOO MUCH, it will give you HARD compression :((((. Another thing to check is your Belt. Didn't' have to sell it, could be just an EASY adjusting the Valve, take 5-10 Minutes most since it works on different turn. From what I see and what you describing, it's definitively the Valve :///

  2. check the valve clearance that they are spec, if that don't fix it you may have a problem with the pressure release mechanism located on the camshaft iv'e seen where it broke off the camshaft making the motor hard to crank past the compression stage. if you take the valve cover off and turn the flywheel by hand you should be able to see very slight movement in the exhaust valve during the compression stage , if there is no movement the compression release mechanism may have broke off the camshaft and is now somewhere inside the motor.

  3. try adjusting the valve or there's too much compression for it to start on other strokes besides past compression

  4. The lock nut gets loose on those valves. I tried loctite but it worked loose and bent the push rod. Gonna make a riding toy for the grandkids. I got ten good years out of it. It wasn't the best cutter. I'm through with snapper though.

  5. I have a Murry 42 inch cut Wide body that did the same thing until I shimmer the started .030 out because mine was a slightly bent shaft on the starter, ALSO I had a fuel problem because it didn't have a fuel shutoff. on yours have you removed the spark plug and turned the engine over? if you haven't do it and see if gas comes out, if gas comes out the needle and seat is gunked up with something, install a fuel shutoff or rebuild the carb

  6. Take a multimeter for giggles and make sure starter is getting proper voltage from solenoid. Also you may have a bad flywheel key.

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