1. I need help Jeremy. My 160 is running real rich I think. It runs good for the first minute or so (when cold) then it slows down and belches black smoke. The exhaust smells rich with unburnt fuel. It made me nauseous just standing around it trying to get it to run right. The spark plug gets covered with black powdery carbon after only a few minutes. I took the carburetor apart and cleaned it. Removed the main jet and made sure all holes were open. The only thing that I didn't do was clean the fuel transfer port screw. That's my last hope of finding the problem. If that's not it I will have to change the carburetor.

  2. I did some mowing yesterday & the same problem came back,note the mower had never been pulled apart before.
    I thought some dirt got into the jets again but what it was,was the gaskets between the cylinder head & the carby, it is a good policy to replace them because at least one of them was sucking in air so I cut out some new ones & now the mower goes like a beauty !!!!

  3. Hi, the truth is a very good video I would like you to recommend me what type of power has your ultra sound washer and what kind of soap and frequency used to wash this kind of pieces greetings from argentina !!!!

  4. Great video! Thanks for taking the time to share. Great info regarding the coating on the carb and not to use a caustic cleaner. Off to soak mine in Purple Power.

    FYI: Simple Green, great stuff, does have one issue… it eats certain metals. Magnesium being one. If you want to soak metal in Simple Green for any period of time, get the Heavy Duty or aircraft version. They are the same… and they meet the Boeing standard for clean and won't harm metals. I had a magnesium bell housing get eaten by soaking it overnight… wasn't totaled, but it was chewed where it was soaking (wasn't meant to be soaking, just part was in the SG).

  5. This video helped me out greatly. I went from no start to hard start with surge then start first pull with no surge. And all I bought was some carb cleaner. Thanks you Sir

  6. Great video! When reinstalling the gaskets, carburetor and filter housing, all the components want to fall apart, so before you start the job, get two identical long bolts and cut the bolt heads off, then screw those headless bolts partway in, then thread all the gaskets, carb and filter housing on. With one hand holding pressure on the face of the filter housing, one at a time, remove and replace one headless bolt with the original bolt. Everything stays aligned and the job is done.

  7. Thanks for the great video. I stopped where you mentioned a new carburetor. A new one is $14 or $18 with gaskets. I'll take that option since I don't have a cool sonic cleaner.

  8. Your the man, between you, double wide 6, and dony boy. I've learned a lot about small engines, free schooling. I'm an HVAC technician, got a degree and journeyman's licence, paid a lot of money for that.

  9. hello, I just took a carb like this apart but it has the idle screw.

    I cleaned it soaking it in carb cleaner and blew out the orifices with air. the carb had old dried gas in it. seemed to be clean.

    when I put it back to gather it will start with starting fluid but stops. the bowl receives gas but gas does not get further.

    any suggestions? I removed the jet and tube and it seemed clean and was blown out.

  10. one other issue was that the float pin was different than yours in the fact I could not remove it. the two pin tunnels look to have a plug in the top of the channel like a rivet and the pin will not move and I could not remove the float.

  11. All I can see is your massive arm. I can't really see what you are doing. You really need a second cameraman for these type videos.

  12. thank you for the video I got lawn mower working because of it . I appreciate you taking the time out to show how to clean the carb . my mower was down for 2 years and now it's back .

  13. For the record this is May, 2017 and I found this video. Thank you, Thank you. I am mechanically minded but never tried to do anything with a carberator, even on my lawn mower. I have an Ex-cell Power Washer with a Honda GCV 160 engine that is about 15 years old. I just could not get it started. I replaced the shut off valve, the in line filter and still could not get it started. After looking at this video, I figured I would give it a shot. I do not have the cleaning machine you had in the video but with Purple Power Spray and hot water I was able to clean the entire carberator, reinstall it and now the power washer runs perfectly. Thank you.

  14. Thanks for the video. I really appreciate you taking the time to walk through the steps. The surging in my Honda is gone and I have a sense of accomplishment from doing it myself.

  15. Sad video – the over all approach is fine but it is with purpose you hide the correct direction the emulsion tube goes in.

  16. I have a honda mower I bought last year, it sat over the winter and wouldn't start. Your video helped me out a lot now it's running. Thanks man!!!!

  17. THANKS so much. I had a hard time getting the tube out but after i did i opened up all the jets with a fine file and put it together and the surging stopped right away thanks again great video

  18. Mines starting,runs for a second and dies, few minutes later it can do t again but not right after. i was guessing restricted fuel low somehow. i guess i will tear all that down tomorrow. i don't have a utrasonic part washer. Yours says chicago brand, is that Harbour freight?

  19. Great video. Thank you. I have the same engine on my power washer. The carburetor was filled with white gunk not allowing the float to work. I don't have an ultrasonic cleaner, so I'll do my best cleaning with gas and engine starter. The old oil was like chocolate milk before I changed it. My guess is that water works its way into the engine. If I get it running, do you think I'll be OK or is it time for a new unit? Its not that old and I don't use it all too much.

  20. Have a PW with the 160 engine on it that had the surging issue. Followed this vid & it fixed it. A couple issues I had were that the jet doesn't just fall out with tapping…….had to put a small piece of rod (spudger with a 90 degree hook on one end such as found in the telephony industry) into the hole on the tube that holds the jet & emulsion tube & pry on it slightly while I worked the jet out…….never got the emulsion tube out, just used a length of small wire to thread through it, sprayed carb cleaner through it, then compressed air. When replacing the jet, it felt like it was cross-threading, so I tried several times to be sure it wasn't……it just screws in snugly all the way.

  21. interesting  , helpful.  Had to turn the volume off to omit all of the "go ahead"  bs though. Gets massively annoying.  think people get it without being prompted to "go ahead" at every manouver

  22. Great video! Thx! — I have a zero turn toro that surges when I crank it, but after a few minutes and when i engage blade it stops and cuts the yard fine. Do you think that is still me problem?

  23. ny dads is surging and i took the carbartor apart looked very clean, like you said, but i dont have the skills or equipment to completely clean the carb.

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