Stihl BG 86 Blower Exhaust Screen Removal Lawn Equipment Repair

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28 thoughts on “Stihl BG 86 Blower Exhaust Screen Removal Lawn Equipment Repair

  1. Just bought a Stihl BG 86 C…I think Stihl has done away with the spark arrestor in the 2018 European models…It's now a solid exhaust housing with a small pipe..

  2. My BG86 spark arrestor clogged solid in 2 tanks of gas. I performed this simple fix and don’t have to worry about it ever getting clogged again. Thanks for a great video.

  3. You have a couple problems with this video.

    -Removing the spark arrestor screen is ill advised and dangerous being that it prevents sparked from igniting exhaust fumes out of the muffler.

    -Removing the screen VOIDS the warranty.

    -You can also clean the screen by burning the carbon off with a lighter or some carb cleaner and a lighter.

  4. The other mods to do are remove the mixture screw locks so you can get full adjustment for fine tuning Low and High speed. Use 98 octane fuel and Full Synthetic 2 Stroke oil. I don't know what fuel/gasoline octane ratings you have in The States but I guess you have 98. We have 91 and 98. I've always used 30ml oil per litre of fuel, 33:1. I couldn't use 50:1, just sounds too lean to me, and my machines, Stihl 034 Chainsaw, Husqvarna 343R Brushcutter all look nice and clean when muffler comes off or spark plug removed, and the Husky does a lot of flat out hard work. Stay away from cheap Mineral Based 2 Stroke oils. Even with mixture set correctly they carbon up exhaust ports and mufflers in all 2 Stroke machines. Which is why these spark arresters cause so many problems. Synthetic Oil fixed that problem for me 15 years ago. I've always used Castrol TTS, or as it's now called in AU Power 1 TTS Racing. Same stuff, different label. When I went to 98 fuel and the BG85 ran instantly better. Then removed the spark arrester and mixture locks which allowed me to adjust the mixture correctly and my BG85 went from being a hard to start useless piece of shit, when it was on 91 octane, spark arrested and incorrectly adjusted due to the locks, to easy start, pulls cleanly straight off the bottom and revs right out and blows heaps harder. I don't have a Tacho but it would be at least 1500 rpm improvement. It was always rich at the top and the mixture locks won't allow that little bit of extra mixture adjustment to get it right……The Dealer told me years ago when it was new, that's as good as it can be. And he was correct because they are nobbled right from the start…..Sorry about the long winded story.

  5. OOH RAH!!! thanks Dan, you saved me money and time. I figured it had to be something simple, but not that simple. Who would have thought that something that small, could cause a lost of power. The small engine repair shops do not tell you anything, but are happy to take your money and keep taking it, for a clogged exhaust screen.

  6. i have one of these and my gas mix was a little light on the oil and i have lost some compression what can i do about it can i add some sort of additive to fix it or is their anything else i can do? also how hard is a cylinder and piston swap on this machine

  7. Dan, mine rattles like there's a piece of metal loose inside there. I mean it's a distinct metal piece clanking around in there somewhere. I got the bg86 identical to this video. I took off the three screws and removed the pull starter and housing. Nothing jumped out at me, like a piece of hot metal falling to the ground. I shook it, twirled it a little by hand and still not able to identify the source of the clanging. Machine was gettin reeeal hot as well. Any advice? Great video btw.

  8. I think this is what I'm going to buy. I got a echo pb250 in September 2016 and it is now having carb troubles and needs to be replaced but isn't worth to get it fixed and echo warranty doesn't cover fuel problems

  9. I just purchased a bg-86 and have had nothing but trouble getting it warmed up and running properly.  First lawn of the day it needs 2-3 minutes to warm up and then she'll run.  After that its difficult to even get it started.  I've already taken it back to the dealer and they adjusted the low side carb, but it hasn't made a noticeable difference.  Let me know if you have any troubles with yours.

  10. I had a BG55 but I passed it on to my old man and purchased the BG86. The 86 is awesome, it does not beat the crap out of you because it seems to have a damper that absorbs the vibration. Awesome machine, little pricy but to me it's well worth it. 👍

  11. i just got the SH 86 with vac attachment, good for flower beds and tight spots so far so good paid $279.99 but for a blower I'm staying with the backpack blower.

  12. I do believe the BG-86 can be used with a vac attachment BUT the Plastic fan has a metal replacement. Dont quote me on this . LOL . good video . I will have to check my screen . One thing I was always wondering is mine blows a lot of oil out the exhaust and yes I mix the oil very precise . Does it with my stihl weed eater also

  13. Should i remove mine on my Echo SRM-225? I have been told stihls always have that problem but never been told anything about the echo one

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