Stihl BR600 Blower Low Power Repair – Valve Adjustment

A client’s Stihl BR600 Blower was having low power/ power loss problems. Fix low power problems with a simple valve adjustment.

Stihl Valve Adjustment Tool kit:

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34 thoughts on “Stihl BR600 Blower Low Power Repair – Valve Adjustment

  1. A very useful video! Very hard to find good Stihl repair videos on here! Is there a general procedure for adjusting all their 2 cycle valves? Crankshaft position? universal gauge?

  2. Great video. I have a BR 600 that bogs down at full throttle. I've changed air & fuel filters & new spark plug. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Just did this today on my Br600 blower and FS90R trimmer and it was very easy, took me about 30 minutes to do both.

  4. I have a new BR 800 CE I bought before Christmas and it doesn't seem to rev up as high as when I first got it. It actually started to go downhill after my second tank of fuel. I have now run 5 tanks through it and it has dropped noticeably in power. Could this be the problem? It's pretty new yet to be a valve adjustment isn't it?

  5. Great video👌🏻 how often should I be checking/ adjusting? 6 months or once a year?
    These don’t have hour meters but I use mine full time for mowing and leaves

  6. I just had the feeler gauge delivered and as I bought this used The valve clearance is tight and no room for the feeler gauge ,when I turn the engine over I'm getting a faint click sound coming from the valve spring here is a video can you give me an option please can this be caused from not having the gap .
    I not published this video I just wanted to know if this is a normal sound

  7. The fuel line was broke as you suspected thanks for the tip but I checked the valves and they are actually loose I need to get the feeler gauge but I think the plug as no spark. So I think the coil is nackered ,I bought the unit second-hand but it's complete and nothing is missing it all looks good I've done a complete strip down of the outer casing cleaned everything up what's your views on an OEM coil are they any good I see lots of bad reviews on the cheap ones I am tempted to buy a second-hand coil that is guaranteed to work but my consern is if this will go faulty in a short period of time as it's a used coil .how can I check the coil to make sure it's ok or not , the rubber plug was off the HT lead and I can't get it back on .I noticed with the plug out you get a rattle noise where the adjustment is needed on the valves is this normal it only happens when you turn the starter pulley fast ,are these blowers reliable if you look after them.

  8. Any idea what's causes this problem br500 Stihl backpack when u put petrol in the plug hole it will start but can not get it to pump up petrol from the tank with the plunger also appears to have A petrol leak

  9. Thanks for this video, my BR600 would sometimes act like it didn't want to reach wide open throttle when I squeezed the trigger even after adjusting the mixture screws on the carburetor. After watching your video I checked the valves and it seems they were a little on the tight side, couldn't get my feeler gauge in there at all. I just modified a .004 feeler gauge, cut it thin on the end to fit.

  10. I have this same blower, took it in for a service and 2 days after I got it back i I turned it off and was not able to get to turn on again. I took it in and they told me it had no compression. Do you think valve adjustment has anything to do with it

  11. My blower was starting to make slight screeching noise – I thought maybe a leaf was caught in air intake area-then after a few minutes engine started to lose power. I shut it down. But now it turns over hard when I pull cord and won’t start. Advice?

  12. can loose valves cause a blower not to even fire,  I put a new coil and checks for sparks buts its not even firing even tried quick start

  13. Great video. Does Stihl require the motor to be warmed up before adjusting valve clearance or is it supposed to be cold?

  14. Excellent video! I just bought a new BR600 Magnum for use around the house blowing leaves on approx. 1/2 to 3/4 acres. I book marked this video for future viewing. Thanks for posting this video…………………

  15. Hi, Shenanigans, how often should the valves be adjusted? I've had my BR 600 since 2010 and have never had it done. Thanks, great video.

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