19 thoughts on “” STIHL CHAINSAW REPAIR ” “how to chainsaw series” stihl ms260 026 top end rebuild part I

  1. You better re-harden the circlips on those aftermarket kits, especially the ones that have ears. Ive seen too many fail destroying the repair and possibly your reputation. You can heat the circlips up to non-magnetic red with a torch and quench in oil. Pitch the rings too and use either caber/meteor or oem. There are several problems with these kits and this will help lessen them.

  2. Does anyone know of a vid showing how to install new falling dogs on a stihl 046 magnum..Inside the cover has, looks like uhmw.??? plastic that covers couple nuts that hold dog on..Need to figure out how to get nylon, uhmw plastic things(chain slides over)off to get at nuts..Any help would be appreciated..Downloaded a manual from Stihl usa and never mentioned anything..

  3. Are you talking about huztl or hlsupply? I am planning on ordering a kit from huztl, but not sure what the quality is like. How do you find their products? Also, they sell the niko plated cylinders without the decomp hole. Do you think the decomp is worth having more than a niko plated cylinder? thanks

  4. Air leaks do almost nothing to WOT operation. Vacuum at WOT should be almost zero. No vacuum, no air sucking through leak.

    The most common cause of top end failure, by far, is overheating due to: dull chain, extended high revs, improper mix, improper high speed setting or faulty carb. 

    The least common cause is dirty air from filter. Chainsaw dust is made up of wood fiber, not dirt. While it is abrasive it is not as nearly abrasive as dirt.

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