STIHL TRIMMER-WEED EATER REPAIR: stihl carburetor repair-replacement fs, fc, km, hl, 45, 46, 55


quick tip to save you money and headache when it comes to stihl trimmer carburetors



22 thoughts on “STIHL TRIMMER-WEED EATER REPAIR: stihl carburetor repair-replacement fs, fc, km, hl, 45, 46, 55

  1. Nevermind… I took your part numbers to the local Farm & Home supply store that sells Stihl today and they had the carb in stock. $29.21….awesome! Installed the carb tonight and woke the FS45 up! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the Video's buddy. I learn a lot. Is this the same procedure with the rm55 rc combi head? Can i change the fuel filter without removing the carb? Or can you use the old wire hook method to fish it out. It looks like the fuel lines are too short to fish it out through the fuel cap.

  3. Nice video. It was very helpful. 

    Here is what I did for my fussy Stihl FS 250r trimmer….this after sitting all winter.  Try this before you rebuild. 

    1) Removed the idle mix screw and sprayed Seafoam in the screw hole
    2) Removed the high mix screw and sprayed in Seafoam in the screw hole
    3) Replaced the screws at their factory(owners manual) setting
    3) She started right up with one pull 
    4) I added some Seafoam fuel additive for the first tank only
    5) Next season I will be more careful and drain the tank and fully run the trimmer out of fuel… it says in the manual 😉   

    If your trimmer has a lot of hours I would also replace the spark plug, fuel filter, and air filter. The plug is gapped at 20 grand. 

  4. Jeremy, I am getting no response when pulling the trigger on the FC 55. Is there a common cause for this? Should I rewire the throttle? If so, how? I'm having trouble finding that repair. Thanks man, Great vids! 

  5. I d like to add that the carburetor of these 25 cc models, or near that size, have the fuel jets extremely small and will be very likely a neverending headache. I have two and they continuosly get a dirty carb. All my neighbours that have a 50 cc have NEVER this problem, they start at first pull always. Conclusion: buy a big one and never touch the carb.

  6. Thanks for a good video!  In your video, you did not show what you did between pushing on the new carburetor and then sliding on the cover assembly (that holds the air filter) that goes over the carb.  My trimmer has a thin, flat black piece – maybe it is a gasket? – that goes between the carburetor and the cover assembly.  Does the new carburetor come with a new black gasket?  I didn't see you put on a new one, but then I didn't see you use the old one, either…  we didn't get to see what you did.  Thanks in advance for your help!

  7. I got a F55 and this is the first time it has ever given me a problem. Thanks for heads up on not screwing around with it just get the new carb.

  8. So I go down and get the new carb. put it all together. Except the new carb. has jets on them with some plastic 1/2 nuts for adjusting. Now the air cover does not fit. So I go back again to the parts house. I took my FS55 with me and showed them. He said, what they are trying to do is sell you another air filter cover. So I let him take a pair of pliers and break off the plastic nut. It being a new part I him do it. If it were to break it would have been on him. Got it back together and gave her a few primes and she fired right up. It is Oct of 2015 it costed me $45.

  9. I changed the carburetor and it would not start. The problem which, after 3 hours of work, was that the fuel line grommet was not sealed. I put some grease around the grommet and it started up and works fine. This my save some people a lot of trouble.

  10. Just wondering, if I'm learning small engines since my step-dad passed away and I have a Stihl FS55r, I am not sure why it isn't opening up like it should, any suggestions?

  11. I have a stihl fs55 weedeater..was running good..still starts up after sitting for hour too…after first prime and start up it leaking fuel out the air filter and floods..should i just replace the carburetor???..

  12. Very helpful information. The fuel line is leaking on my FS55R too, got to replace it. I replaced my carb. last year. Thank you for doing this video. 🙂

  13. Jeremy. Thanks for the info.My FS 45weed whacker hadn't really worked well from day one. I replaced the carb, fuel lines and filter. Put in high octane fuel. It started on the second pull. Never had done that before. I had even forgot to prime the carb first. Wow. Now my wife, for whom this was purchased, can actually start with no trouble at all .Thanks again!!

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