1. hey. wondering how you know which direction to put the piston in the cylender. are there marks for which side goes twards exaust port ect.

  2. Hi mate good video,
    Would it be good practice to change rings before total failure when your machine has compression issues starting?

  3. if they would use the water kit like there suppose to use ( that comes on the saw ) then they would not have this problem, a little fyi for those running these saws.

  4. Excellent Job.  The aftermarket cylinder availability has just exploded.  Whether it be Woodland, Tecomec, Meteor, Hyway, HLS etc.  Weedeaterman has been ranking the a/m kits for reliability if your interested.  

  5. G'day Jeremy, thanks for the vid I learned a lot from it. It wasn't only the build part of it but all the additional information that you always give. Kind regards John Kinnane from Tasmania Australia

  6. JEREMY, thank you very much for this GREAT VIDEO.

    I have a Stihl KM 110 R that requires a rebuild. Ive never done this before, but I think I learned enough from your video to be able to do it. I am buying a new 130 tomorrow, so the 110 will be a winter project.

    Again, thank you very much…..

  7. Can you please show me how to strip a TS400 down and rebuild it because I am trying to learn but there's no videos on this model. It will be very much appreciated and I think you will get lots of views because there's still plenty of people that think the TS400 is the best model Stihl did for the cut off saw. I need to know all about it and how to put a pot and piston in, also I would love to learn how to put a new crank and crank seals on this saw, now that would be extra awesome. Thank for this video anyway I think you did a fantastic tutorial.

  8. Jeremy I know they are similar but it's the little things I am struggling with, like the carb is different and the cylinder head isn't screwed from the bottom, and I want to learn how to break a crank and change the seals etc. There's no video on how to fix a ts400 when there's no compression, and there's no video on how to do anything to do with the crank and splitting the case. I just thought it would be a good idea if you could show your skills on how to fully strip a ts400 and put it back together because I know there's thousands of people out there that would love to learn about them. They are still the best cut off saw Stihl ever made and there's hundreds of thousands of people out there that still use these saws and like I say that a lot of them still think the ts400 is the best saw to have. My mate sells after market Stihl ts400 parts and his business is booming so I know a lot of people would benefit watching one of your videos, but even better would be the ts400. Thanks for

  9. Hi my saw is running fine on idel and when in a horizontal position but when I go to cut position or hi Rev it loses a bit of power and feels like miss firing thanks Alan

  10. when you put a new top end on you didn't replace the cylinder head gasket and how about doing a presher test to see if the crank case is not leaking don't you have to do that when you do a rebuild like that

  11. Commonsense Plus this video wow thanks that was easy I appreciate your videos thanks if you were my neighbour I would have a beer with you cheers.

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