stripped spark plug repair briggs and stratton engine part 5

the part everyone waited for. the actuall repair of the head. i must have shot this 4 times and i still don’t like it, but it will do.

i shot some updates and few other things while i was working on the tractor last night.



19 thoughts on “stripped spark plug repair briggs and stratton engine part 5

  1. I Have exact same problem…….where can i order/buy it ?…….what exactly is it called……comes as a kit ? is it the heli-coil sav-a-thread ? advance auto has fix-a-thread for M14-1.25 ports ?…..anyone know if it will work ? its a toro tractor B&S 12 horse ….plug is j19lm just like vid……cant find out much info…….quick advice please anyone!? thanks

  2. thanks for the video i didn't use lock tie since the kit said you dont need to is that why there is some oil reduce forming around the spark plug hole?

  3. well i don't think we will get together on tha idea! unless you really want to ship it! haha. well i hope you enjoy your wheelhorse. have you checked out CRAZY4WHEELHORSES? he seems to be the man for them.

    look forward to seeing more from you!

  4. I would really like a project, unfortunately I live in Holland :(. luckely I allready have a Wheel Horse raider 14 to work on, but I still like these old Simplicity's better.

  5. Yeah check out my videos too of course i do 10x more projects in school so even with the few stuff i work on at home i have plenty experience with other stuff

  6. i went through a similar program in school,except i worked at a lumberyard at the time. you will use the skills your learning the rest of your life, congrats and keep at it.

    correct on the oversized plugs, thats why i use this repair as you get the orginal size plug back, ive seen oversized plugs and alot of times they get done wrong too. then they blow out and your back in the same boat.
    keep at it man.

  7. @dirtmister16 True but that usually happens if part of the helicoil breaks im in highschool and go to a technical school halfway through my day and we work on other peoples stuff that customers bring in i must of worked on 100 different projects just this q uarter ! Our instructer says never to uses them over sized plugs because if someone wants to change their plug, they cant!

  8. helicoil makes a kit similar to this one for this very problem, with steel inserts. these inserts are a stronger repair in aluminum. also ive seen where a standard helicoil will pop out vs a insert with teeth that will hold it in.

  9. redlock tight is for the steel insert, you put that on there as it helps lock the thread insert from moving along with the teeth. you want to let that cure good before running your engine. do not use anything but redlock tight, as it withstands the heat and pressure,other products will not hold it in place.

  10. finally got that part in there! haha. i tired to run the tap with the camera in hand but it wasn't gonna happen.
    so i had to start over lol.

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