Stuart Models Twin Launch Steam Engine Rebuild – Part #20 – Making the Manifolds for the steam inlet and exhaust piping. Instead of using castings, I made these from a solid block of Gunmetal. I needed to change the arrangement as show on the drawing to allow for the inlet pipes to be double ended. PLEASE VISIT MY “MAINSTEAM MODELS” WEBSITE FOR LINKS TO MORE MODEL STEAM VIDEOS ON MY CHANNEL: …… IF ANYONE WISHES TO MAKE A SMALL DONATION TOWARDS THE COST AND THE TIME THAT IT TAKES ME TO MAKE THESE VIDEOS – PLEASE USE THESE LINKS:
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  1. Another fine video. Thanks.
    I've been meaning to ask- what model microphone do you voice over with? Do you use a microphone processor or massage the signal with software? I'm always impressed with the clarity of the voice over work.

  2. Hi Keith, that end bit looked like Mickey Rooney with a beard! Thanks for the advise on machining gun metal, the manifolds really came out looking great. Regards John PS keep taking the pills!

  3. keith you mention often that you are a keyboardist but i dont recall you ever mentioning what music you play or your personal preference..just curious figuring its the clasics but willing to be surprised . thanks for the videos i do enjoy learning and steam is under valued today and generally overlooked as a solution strange considering most of our electricity is ultimately steam power in one form or another . it may be an optical illusion and i am being picky but you did say center lol it appears as if you missed the mark on your hole locations slightly but more than good enough for the job imho as i would be happy with less perception than you seem to insist on to each there own i guess looking forward to more videos and your 4+ projects on hold

  4. Even if I go to Harbor Fright I still wouldn't be able to afford to get even the basics for machine work… And I have a Machinist Friend who would probably take my tools away and send me to the VA for a Mental Health Evaluation… (takes the happy pills that they send me) But watching your videos makes me think that I can do it and that I might have fun doing it.

  5. Aluminium bronzes can be a pain to work with one nice thing on it Keith it is corrosion resistant even to sea water and is used to make for some very hard bearing races. that is what they use in a number of bronze colored coins because of high wear-ability

  6. You could maybe feed the compressed air and oil through the inlet of the displacement lubricator, in case there is a threaded plug to fill it.

  7. Keith, always love your videos. And you're a great keyboardist as well as a machinst! Loved the outro. How did you do that?

  8. I bought a Craftsman 1" belt sander on your recommendation. One of the best buys I've ever made! Really useful in my small sized shot.
    Great video!
    I'm considering building such an engine from bar stock.

  9. Another excellent video.
    Very enjoyable watching things being made by someone who clearly loves doing what they do.
    Thank you.

    I enjoyed the part at the end… and until now I hadn't realized that hobbits even knew of, let alone used, 1" belt sanders… nor that they could tighten their lederhosen that tightly!

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