Subaru ex17 6.0– mikuni carb surges

a second video showing that brass jet. the previous video



5 thoughts on “Subaru ex17 6.0– mikuni carb surges

  1. I have an EX27 on my pressure washer. After I cleaned the carb and got it back running, it has an extremly high idle. Is there an adjustment that needs to be tweaked to bring the idle back down?

  2. Cured mine. On the SX17 the jet is hidden under a metal tab that's secured with a screw. The jet itself is not a screw, it's a plug held in with o-rings. You take a small screwdriver and pop it up. Clean it out, re-install and you're good to go. This cured my surging problem. From now on it's aviation fuel in all of my lawn equipment. No ethanol and a 7 year shelf life.

  3. Checking this out tonight. I've got the SX17 on my Ariens snow blower and it's "surging". Hopefully this will take care of it. Thanks!

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