Suffolk super colt 75cc engine rebuild (Part 1)

My poor little 75cc suffolk engine was smoking like no tomorrow, so at first I decided to clean it out and try thicker oil. However I have now decided to replace the rings as the bore is pretty good. Stay tuned for part 2 in the engine rebuild series 🙂



10 thoughts on “Suffolk super colt 75cc engine rebuild (Part 1)

  1. The trouble with mower engines is that they were thrashed mercylessly by people who havn't got a clue about engines. Most of the Suffolks I have seen clag for England.

    One thing I would try is removing the piston and soaking it in white spirit to get the dirt out of the rings. You can then bend the rings open a tiny bit, stagger them and then put it back, worked for me!

    Nice little engine, good luck with it.

  2. @steamwally yes your right there, i often see mowers being used at full throttle its just not needed. I can cut my grass with some mowers on tick over 🙂

    Don't forget I will need to hone the cylinder to remove the glaze, if i don't all this work will be wasted 🙁

  3. Very important is honeing. You can do it with some very fine emery paper. Just try and achieve a cross hatch pattern and you should be fine.

  4. @reynardfoxx cheers it will be nice when i finish it, just got two more mowers to get going so this is being pushed back 🙁

  5. @steamwally ok cool, im going to ask my uncle if he has a honing tool. If he does it will probably be as old as the mower 🙂

  6. @morrisminormods :L well i wont be using that now, the engine is completely in bits now. Piston is out and rings off i have a gap of 23 in the ring :O well and truly ruined, do you still have that honing tool?? will it go down to a 75cc bore and can i borrow it hehe

  7. @SuperKONR yes you did see random cat-age in the video 🙂 and there was loads of carbon and oil in the engine all clean now see part two 🙂 I also think another one of my videos has random cat-age

  8. @MO3MINI lol I saw part 2 can't wait for part three! I live in the US so I've never seen a suffolk 🙁 but they look like cool engines!

  9. Hi, there are a few features on the Suffolk mowers which can give a rough idea of the age. The early 50's Suffolk mower had a rectangle tank on the cowling, the dip stick in the sump and SIF cast into the pull starter. Early 60's models had a larger tank on the cowling, the dip stick in the block and a blank starter. Later 60's models had the tank mounted on the handles. And the really late Suffolks had a plastic recoil. Not the metal one.

    This suffolk is late 60's. Cheers, Dan

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