10 thoughts on “Suffolk Super Colt 75cc engine rebuild (Part 2)

  1. Get yourself some paraffin, with that carbon just wipes off. For new rings contact the hailsham mower centre, they have most things at reasonable prices.

    Looking at that oil it's fairly obvious the rings are leaking, you've probably got a bit of carbon in there.

    Good luck with the rest : )

  2. @steamwally thanks 🙂 the carbon is all off now not sure what i used but it wasn't paraffin, i dont even think my dad would like me using the bottle he has. Seems to think we need to keep the old lamps going if we have a power cut, even tough whenever we do have one he never lights them up :L

  3. So far so good. 🙂 I'm thinking about upgrading the engine on my Suffolk Colt, I mean, the original 75cc works okay, but it's got very little power and it burns some oil, and has noisy valves. I might get a 2hp Briggs or a smaller Honda engine for it.

  4. hey at 0.11 does anyone know what the small lever at the end of the inlet is called and what it looks like as i have one but it is eally badly gone and cant find them anywhere thanks

  5. @jeffthebuilder10 Hi, at 11 seconds i can see a small lever on the manifold. This controls the throttle of the engine, the throttle on the handle bars links to this, this goes to a spring which goes to the governor which then goes to the throttle.

    Is this the piece you have missing?? If it is im sure you can source one on Ebay a lot of people braking suffolk engines for spares on there

  6. Sorry but I have no spare Briggs pull starters for sale.. the only one I can see in the video is on that orange 5hp. Sold that engine nearly a year ago lol


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