Sump Gasket Replacement – 15hp Briggs & Stratton

Model: 28N707
Code: 9408174A

In today’s video, we’ll be disassembling a 15hp Briggs & Stratton vertical shaft engine & replacing the sump gasket & crankshaft oil seal!

Sump Gasket Part Numer: 692226
Oil Seal Part Number: 291675S

This engine came off a Craftsman Riding Lawn mower, we had to remove it because it was leaking oil, due to a bad/non-sealing gasket.


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20 thoughts on “Sump Gasket Replacement – 15hp Briggs & Stratton

  1. quick question, while doing this repair, i went to change the oil seal
    on the crank shaft in the sump cover and noticed there was a sort of
    O-ring in there also, it seems to be a sort of a "spring" like ring not
    made of rubber. one was not included with the new seal P/N 690589 (#943
    on the parts drawings on line) is this thing part of the original seal
    that came off or is it not needed? i dint see it anywhere listed on any
    of the drawings. do you know the part im talking about? BTW i did this
    fix in about an hour and this video was amazingly helpful. thanks!

  2. Hey man, great video, perfectly explained,i had a couple of questions,could you point me to a repair/assembly manual number for Briggs?

    i have a 2006 mower and a 1995 tiller plus a 500 e series mower thats like 2 years old, i was wondering if there was a manual that would cover most of these motors, the 500 and the 06 mower motors are very similar and the tiller is a 5 horse engine, i found a whole bunch on eBay but im not sure which one to get and i wasn't sure if maybe you had one you could recommend? thank you for your time!!

    Also on the gasket issue how do you determine the endplay and what gasket you need? the 500 needs a new sump gasket and its a newer mower so im guessing just a stock gasket? been working on cars since i was a kid but here lately ive been getting into many small little engines so trying to learns as as much as i can.

  3. Hello Eliminator,
    Thank you very much for this video – it was very helpful as I have this same exact engine. My only comment was that you stated the torque spec to be 140 in-lb but the B&S manual shows a sump bolt torque spec of 220 in-lb for bolts with the integral washer head (140 in-lb for bolts with a separate lock washer). I also confirmed this at the B&S website.
    Paul (in MA)

  4. Great info. Iā€™m looking at a white riding mower with BS 15hp industrial. Would appreciate you thoughts on that engine.
    Want to use it to pull logs too.

  5. Had a briggs 15 hp non OHV engine and the exhaust valved seat popped loose. I put it back in and peened it in and it lasted a couple years of cutting. But the carburetor I put in was for a smaller hp engine and it apparently ran too lean and hot. I tried it one last time, but it didn't hold and gave up on the engine.

  6. Should a permetex gasket sealer be used on at least one side of the gasket. I would think on the sump side, just to hold the gasket in place and make clean up easier if it had to removed and scraped off again in the future. I am ready to replace the sump gasket on a tecumseh ohv 12 engine and I was amazed how thin and brittle the old gasket was.

  7. Great video with an excellent explanation of the internal workings of the engine. Also nice to see the importance you put on the governor gear and location prior to final fit of the bottom pan. Just that point alone will save your Eliminators serious money for replacement of further parts once this gear gets damaged.

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