SURVIVING 6-Days Off-Grid! (3-Gang Battery Bank) | Counter Tops, Drinking Water and Beavers

We’re getting ready to live off grid for a week! We set up a 3 gang battery power system for off grid living connected to our inergy Apex unit.

We will house our off grid power system near our dog house power centre for the cabin. This will be backed up with solar power and a gas generator.

I’ll check my trail cameras and find out what stole all my walnuts! We are still monitoring the property for deer activity as the archery season will be open as we are out collecting wild food around the cabin.

We build a temporary counter top to make food preparation a lot easier. Later, we will upgrade this to something more decorative.

We are in the final stretches of getting ready for the wilderness living challenge which will show us living off grid for a full week foraging and hunting around the cabin.

I also make a trail down to the creek where we will be able to get potable water for drinking and washing dishes.

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42 thoughts on “SURVIVING 6-Days Off-Grid! (3-Gang Battery Bank) | Counter Tops, Drinking Water and Beavers

  1. Be interesting to design a water way that ran down hill and used gravity flow to spin pump's that were connected to sawsh plate pump motors that turned electrical power generator 's and used long compression screw drives to return the water back to the top of the hill to start the cycle over. A closed system for steady electrical power generation. Were you had a nice steep hillside on your property.

  2. Water flow? Try a pooling the water with a drop that powers an impeller that generates electrical power. You could design it were it would still function even if the surface water has frozen over.

  3. Apple's composting bins lined with nintinol high output thermal electric generator's fermentation bins with nintinol high output thermal electric generator's turning apple's into alcohol to be used has clean burning fuel?

  4. Ever thought about using Nintinol high output thermal electric generator's that absorb the heat off an electrical system and charges an organic carbon power cell bank? Lining a fireplace with nintinol high output thermal electric generator's that charges up a battery bank everytime you burn wood?

  5. You need to use marine batteries,deep cycle batteries not car and batteries. Marine batteries hold 12 volts all the way through the charge car batteries do not hold 12 volts through the charge.

  6. Chris. You should be doing more of bushwhacking .. jst like ur friend jack is doing nd it'seems I like his channels more now.. Dan urs as he does more of adventurous stuff

  7. Why didn't you put the top of the tent on before you raised it to its full height lol then you wouldn't have needed the ladder

  8. Why don't you just get the animals for meat as you need them? this way they can reproduce and in case you run out of gas for the generator for the friG. The idea of going off grid is consuming less of the sociopathic's products as you can and preserving nature as much as you can vs. abusing both.

  9. You've inspired me in so many ways I'm a father and a husband as well and I want my family to experience the off grid life!!! Keep it up and continue to share with us

  10. Amazing prep for Gers visit – He's gonna owe you gallons of bear fat and a few of Delphnie's acorn cakes!!! Can't wait for this seasons challenge…thanks man.

  11. So if your off grid but have electricity and freezers, heat and lights and more is it really so hard to live? We spend weeks and weeks living and working at the hunt camp this way and it’s a pleasure not a hardship. Sure it takes some skills but millions of people do it. I suppose most don’t make a living filming it though, they just do it.

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