Swisher Trimmer Starting Head Scratcher!

Swisher Two Wheel Trimmer
Model ST50022STDQ Serial L300-347178

Briggs and Stratton Quantum 5.0HP
Model 120H02-0108-B1
Serial 00112056


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26 thoughts on “Swisher Trimmer Starting Head Scratcher!

  1. Don't know if I'm working with a junk item or not…it's a fairly new Countyline  wheeled string trimmer that won't turn over. I don't know how this brand is rated.  Thanks for the post.  My plans posted below.  Well done!!

  2. Whoa!  Thank you so much.  I'm attempting to work with my daughter's Countyline wheeled string trimmer and it won't start at all, it will only  think about kicking over.  So,  first I'm going to look at the action of the cable line!!  Seems easier!  Then, I will look at  the carburetor and clean it, and clean and replace the fuel line and take a look at the gas storage for dirt.   Sorry you had to spend so much time and $$ but glad you have succeeded and posted your work here!!  Thanks!!

  3. I have a walk behind Husqvarna weed trimmer. It won't start.! I have changed the spark plug and gabbed it where it's suppose to be. It started for just a little bit then quit. Smells like it's flooded. Can anyone help me please. I have a new business and need it working….

  4. Thanks a lot !! I was having a problem with the trimmer continuing to run. It would start and then shut off. After watching your video I noticed slack in the break line. After fiddling with the line the trimmer is running fine !!

  5. I just picked one of these up and it is not running. it will run on starting fluid and that is it. the carburetor linkage looks a little off to me. Is there any way you could take the cover off and snap a picture of the carb linkage and post it?

  6. good to know i have the newer bigger one that eats through the string and ripped right through the factory installed drive belt today. i hate how cheap some of the things like that cable are on these things i also despise the fact that mine eats through the string as fast as it does too. there has to be a better way to put the string on these so they last longer

  7. Compared to a normal trimmer those things just dont look practical. Seems like manuvering it and varying cutting height etc would be a real pain.

  8. Thank you – I drilled four holes slightly smaller than the trimmer string and put a little engine oil on the ends so they would go through. Works fine.

  9. Thanks so much. I am planning to buy the exact same model [though a new one] very good to be aware of this. I admire your patience I think the third time I might have grabbed a pickaxe and murdered the mower.  :  )

  10. another cause could be the gas cap vent being clogged. This happens on motorcycles, someone puts a bag on top of the gas tank, blocks the vent hole in the gas cap and the bike wont run.

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