Antique 1958 Briggs model 23A Winco generator start and run part 1

Briggs & Stratton Model 23A-FB Antique Engine . All original-1958 in mint condition other than a little minor paint chipping on front blower housing, excellent for 57 years old. Engine made for powering a Winco, Wincharger corp Generator (a subsidiary of zenith radio corp). 9 horsepower (at the time Briggs most powerful engine and the most powerful residential generator available at time) for 1958 its like the power of a 15 horsepower today. Starts on first pull and runs excellent. This generator is still relevant today and would be the best generator available all original cast iron quality american made. The generator was manufactured in August of 1958 in Sioux city Iowa, USA and just turned 57. This information has been verified by Winco. Video part 1 of 2.



Plunket Jr. Antique Gas Engine Running

this is my dad’s 1/2hp plunket jr. engine running for the first time. took about a half hour to free up, hooked up a buzzcoil and battery, bottle fed it some fuel and spun it over. this engine is serial number 40 so we think it’s pretty early. this engine was set up for illuminating gas from the factory.



PowerPro 22″ Lawn Mower 4.5HP Briggs & Stratton Quantum Engine – Final Look & Startup – Sept 6, 2013

Did change the oil, sharpen the blade, clean the air filter replaced the spark plug and gave it a good cleaning. Outside of the oil being very low did not find anything really wrong with it. This lawn mower for the age is in really good shape, he is going to pick this up and give it try!



Fixing Carburetor : Coleman Generator with Briggs Motor

Gave this thing a full tune up and carb cleaning. Cleaned the gas tank as well. New oil, air filter, carb diaphragm, and pickup tube. This runs like a champ now. Won’t be selling it!



Toro Recycler Model 20371 Lawn Mower Kohler 6.75 Engine – Moving Sale – Dec. 1, 2015

This is a local Craigslist find moving sale Toro Recycler Model 20371 with a Kohler 6.75 Engine. Runs great no bag or side chute with this in overall great condition. From the serial number shows as being a 2013 Toro Recycler. Starts really easy will do a follow up video after cleaning this up.



HOW-TO Rebuild A 2 Cycle Chainsaw Carburetor

In this easy to follow video I show you how to rebuild a diaphragm 2 cycle carburetor.

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