Riding Lawn Mower Engine Cranks But Won’t Start

This video explains what to do when your riding lawn mower spins but won’t start. Once it’s spinning, the engine needs 3 things to run—fuel, spark and compression. We’ll help you find out which one of those elements is missing in your engine by showing you a quick starter fluid test that can rule out several issues. We’ll also show you how to check for and resolve fuel supply problems. We’ll then move on to checking the ignition system for problems by examining the spark plug, and the ignition coil. We’ll also check for a timing problem related to a damaged flywheel key before showing you how to do an engine compression test. Following these troubleshooting steps should help you get your riding lawn mower started so you can get back to mowing.

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The video includes these parts and tools. Look up your model to make sure you get the right parts for your mower.
Air filter
Fuel stabilizer
Fuel filter
Fuel line
Fuel pump
Carburetor rebuild kit
Ignition coil
Spark plug
Spark Plug Wrench
Flywheel key
Flywheel puller

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Small Engine Repair: How to Check for Spark on a Tecumseh, Honda, Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower

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**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

Most people check for proper engine spark by removing the spark plug, attaching the plug wire and grounding the plug to the engine while spinning the engine over and looking for a spark to jump across the spark plug gap. This method is not always reliable. The amount of voltage needed to jump the spark gap set at .030″ with the plug removed from the engine is about 2000 volts. The amount of voltage required to jump the same plug gap with the plug installed in the engine and operating under operating conditions is about 8000 volts, so it is possible to see a spark with the plug removed, but not have a spark with the plug installed.

A more reliable method is to remove the spark plug wire cap, and hold the spark plug wire approximately 3/16″ away from the spark plug and spin the engine over. A good ignition system will produce a orange/blue spark from the end of the spark plug wire to the spark plug. The problem with this method is it is easy to get shocked and hard to turn the engine over while trying to hold the end of the plug wire 3/16″ away from the plug. The benefit of this method is it is more reliable then the first method and doesn’t require purchasing any special tools.

Another method for checking the ignition for proper spark is to purchase the Briggs & Stratton Spark Tester, part #19368. This tool can be used to check for spark with the plug removed and using no hands, so the engine is easy to spin over and there is no risk of being shocked. The tool can also be used to view the spark while the engine is running. This is very valuable when trying to diagnose a rough running engine or a engine with intermittent problems.

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Briggs Intek Head Gasket Symptoms

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This video I show the symptoms that’s involved with a Briggs single cylinder Intek engine that has a oil consumption problem brought on by a bad head gasket. you may also notice that there could be some oil leaking cost by the same problem of the headgasket pressurizing the oil crankcase causing weaker seals to allow oil to come out. however, the most prevalent symptom is burning oil roughly 4 to 8 ounces in 45 minutes of runtime at full throttle. I hope this helps out and good luck



Toro snowblower magneto coil repair

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In this video I’m going to continue to work on a Toro snowblower model CCR 2000 e also known as model number 38185. This model is the one that has a 4.5 horse power Suzuki 2 stroke engine. It also has an electric start. It’s a 20-inch path. And a
single stage. Although the repair that I’m showing is on this model you’ll find a lot of similarities when working on other brands of snow blowers such as MTD, cub cadet,simplicity, ariens and craftsmen just to name a few. I show a universal ignition module
that’s being used to replace the factory module that had failed so I’m including the link above for that module also I have a link for the line clamp set that I used to shut off the fuel. When you remove the housings off of the snow blower that keeps the engine protected everything inside is pretty accessible and it’s not very difficult to work on. even though you might be a bit intimidated it’s not a hard task as long as you remember where everything goes once you take it apart. This repair started as a broken recoil rope which I show in another video how to replace that and the reason that it broke not only because it was old but the owner had to pull on it constantly as she was trying to get it to start not realizing that his coil or Magneto was in the process of failing. So I hope this video helps you out, enjoy, and thanks for watching.



How to Set/Adjust the Air Gap on Small Engines Armature Magneto Coil

How to set / adjust the armature air gap on small engines such as lawnmowers. How to set the coil and magneto air gap on Briggs and Stratton engine.



Small Engine Coil Problems Diagnosing and Repair

The coil pack in this Kohler 27hp motor went out. The symptoms were that the motor would loose power and start missing about 30 minutes after it warmed up. After pulling the spark plug wire off of each plug, one plug at the time, I found the problem.




Watch how to complete a full tune up on your lawn mower to help it run perfectly. I show how to replace the blade, spark plug, clean the carburetor, replace the needle and seat, install a new carburetor gasket and do some other general fixing and cleaning. The lawnmower should start right up and run perfectly after this full tuneup. Check out my other videos on lawnmower repair!

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Small Engine Repair: How to test the Ignition Switch or Kill Switch on a Honda GC 190

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**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

In this video I show you haw to use a ohm meter to test the ignition switch in a Honda GC 190. The ignition switch is a simple on/off switch that connects to the ignition coil and engine ground. When the ignition switch is in the ON position the switch is open and does not allow current to flow through the switch. When the ignition switch is in the OFF position the switch is closed and allows current to flow from the ignition system through the ignition switch, than to ground. This grounds out the ignition system and prevents spark at the spark plug, thus shutting down the engine.

An ohm meter is used to test the ignition switch for continuity. When the switch is open, than no current can flow through the switch and the ohm meter will read infinity, which means infinite resistance. When the switch is closed or in the OFF position current will flow through the switch. The amount of resistance created by the switch in the OFF position should be insignificant, so the meter should show zero resistance. If you do get some resistance when measuring the ignition switch in the OFF position, than check the connections for your meter leads and the ground for the ignition switch, or the contacts within the switch can cause a high resistance reading. If the contacts in the switch are bad, than replace the switch.

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