how to adjust small engine governor (additional instruction

alot of times the engine will over revv and its usually because the governor is not hooked up correctly.
Here it is written out a little better.
Step 1. set throttle to fast position.
Step 2. losen governor linkage arm and turn governor input shaft clockwise till it stops.
Step 3. retighten linkage arm and be sure that the throttle is open to full.
Step 4. set throttle to low, the throttle linkage aon the carb should close a little bit but not always.
Step 5. start engine and see if it runs at the correct rpm, if the engine revs up at full throttle you did something wrong, if it doesnt go crazy and just runs fast, simply loosen up on the governor spring tension, if it runs to slow, simply tighten up on the governor spring.

Fuel mixture and idle adjustment is shownin the video.



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HOW-TO Adjust The Engine Speed On A Generator With Tecumseh Engine & Throttle Linkage Configuration

In this video I show you the throttle linkage configuration and how to set the engine speed on a generator with a Tecumseh flathead engine.
I usually set the RPMS between 3500-3600.

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How To Adjust Mechanical Governor On Small Engines

Quick video on adjusting the governor on small engines with a mechanical governor, NOT a air vane governor, as they are non adjustable. Thanks for Watching!!!



3-1/2 HP Briggs Governor Linkage Installation

In response to a viewer request for info about the governor linkage on a model 92908 or 92502 Briggs 3-1/2 horse mower engine. Hope the vid shows you what you needed. I tried to make it clear, but needed to grow a 3rd arm a few times, to hold the camera!