34 thoughts on “Tear Down of a 17,000 Pound 1800 Horsepower 69 Liter V16 Caterpillar 3516 Diesel Engine

  1. That is a big motor. I've dabbled in personal vehicles but haven't really looked at teardowns of industrial equipment. Well, time to watch your specialty, the 3406 teardown lol

  2. I would interested to see the brands of impacts and sockets you use. I assume the torque specs on the bolts you deal with are so high, a Harbor Freight impact and socket set isn't going to be enough. No?

  3. Awesome I thought the video was good lm a heavy equipment mechanic also
    so maybe we are on the same wave length
    Boy there sure is a lot of trains going by
    Very good vid KT3406E keep up the good work

  4. You worked on this monster all alone? No helping hands? Man you are tough! By the way, that "no bitchin' " thing was awesome. Subscribed…

  5. I have one of these on my lawnmower . I took the 12.5 hp B and S one off . The only downside is when I first fired it up my lawnmower sunk 14 ft into the garden.

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