Tecumseh carb rebuild part 1

Rebuild a Tecumseh lawn mower carburetor part ONE
NEW carb for under $20 https://amzn.to/23ZWtTk in the recent years China has released these decent copy cat carbs. They do work and people seam happy with them. I do think a cleaned carb will work just as well and better in some cases though.
HIGH RESOLUTION! click below for one of the newer versions

This is a snowblower but the carb is the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9ko4gbIA_I
This is a generic Tecumseh carb used on most stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W9Y3JC1yDY
This is a go kart Tecumseh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC5cpZlTU7g



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  1. that fixed jet on the side is not a idle anything it's a low speed jet .. the float does not set level if you set it level you are running it lean and the center jet you removed has 2 orings not 1 the upper 1 stayed in when you pulled it out the screw in jet pushes up against the lower o-ring these will go bad and leak i replace them all the time in my shop

  2. @suthrnrepair…Parallel to the body is where the float should sit. Tecumseh uses several models of float carbs with technical specs from 4/64" to 11/64" float height measurements depending on the model. You will not run Lean if it is set to low the engine will simply run out of fuel/sputter or similar. It is a metered IDLE RESTRICTOR JET per the Tecumseh manuals if you want to get technical Yes I know there are 2 O-rings on the main emulsion tube. Thanks for watching.

  3. thanks for the tip on the bad float. my carb was leaking and I pulled the float and shook it and gas would swish around. thanks again

  4. Thanks! After using propane all season to start my lawnmower, I dropped the fuel bowl and used carburetor cleaner in the main jet, adjusted the float as per your instructions and it starts on the on the first pull hot and priming + two pulls after storage.

  5. I have a Craftsman lawn mower with this carb and it will not run. I purchased a rebuild kit and watched this video. Runs great!! Thanks for the post…

  6. Since your carb doesn't have a choke it relies entirely on the the primer bulb to get fuel for cold starts. I am glad it is easy to start. Thanks a ton for watching.

  7. Sixtyfiveford thank you for a great video. Do not pay any attention to people like the lonely ignorant people like the alcoholic who wouldn't even know what a carb looks like.

  8. I have fixed/cleaned many carbs on all kinds of lawn equipment. I ran across one that I have apart now and waiting for the kit to come in (Has welsh plug included). I took the idle jet out and tried blowing the spray cleaner thru but nothing was coming out into the throat. My question is, do you think I should take the welsh plug out? The one next to the idle port and see if I can unplug that way? I use fingernail polish when replacing welsh plugs. Thank You and keep up the good videos.

  9. One more time. I use the little aluminum wires from Shipping or what I call ID Tags to clean the small holes in the carbs. No danger of changing the diameter with them:-)

  10. If you cant get the cleaner to spray into the back of the throat when you pull the cleaner straw in and out while spraying I take a wire and poke through the holes. I go through the inside of the carb towards the welch plug. If this quick trick doesn't work then yes I would remove the welch plug. Just be careful because it is real easy to go too deep and damage the metering holes underneath the welch plug. Let me know how you fair.

  11. Thank You for your quick response! I bent one of my little tag wires to about 3/16" and pushed down into each of the 4 holes. 3 smaller and one bigger. Then I sprayed the cleaner into the idle port again. Now I am getting cleaner thru the bigger port inside but nothing from the smaller 3. Since before I watched you videos I had never taken the idle screw out and cleaned is the cleaner supposed to come out of just the larger of the 4 holes? Thanks again:-)

  12. OK, I will carefully take the welsh plug out and see what is plugging the other smaller 3 holes. Then put the welsh plug back in with fingernail polish around the sides for sealing. Thank You again for your knowledge and help.

  13. Yep, you were right. I did have to take the welsh plug out. After drilling carefully at an angle I pryed it out with a small screw driver. Even after getting the plug out the debris would not wash out with the carb spray so I used my tag wires thru each of the 4 holes inside including the inlet. Then the spray rinced all of them out. Put the new plug back in with the polish and tapped in tight. Sprayed in idle port again and spray came out all the holes in the throat. Have pics if that may help.

  14. Could this be what's causing my mower to die after a few moments of running? I have cleaned the bowl and jets. It was full of varnish everywhere…. also, is the rubber o-ring on the blue plastic stem that attaches to the main jet very important? Would that interupt gas flow? Any advice is much appreciated. I'm about to buy a new carburetor.

  15. Generally gas flow interuption is caused by a clogged vent in the gas cap or a clogged fuel line. Yes the little O-ring is important. Air and fuel mix in the blue tube. Without the oring the mixture is going to be off.

  16. Thanks for your prompt reply. I am getting fuel through the primer bulb. When I disconnect the gas lines, it runs everywhere. I haven't checked the cap yet, but I do know gas runs out everywhere when it is upside down. The only things I can think of are the o-ring and checking the holes around the idle screw. I am so discouraged. The dang thing hasn't been used in 9 years. I got it running it just dies after a minute. I think the primer fills the bowl and then doesn't refill for some reason.

  17. Your video (and a bunch of others on youtube…) were helpful in helping me rebuild my lawnmower carburetor. I won't neglect my lawnmower any longer. It's now completely rebuilt and working like a champ! Thanks!

  18. You have nothing to loose. Revving up and down generally means the idle circuit is partially clogged. You can attempt to just clean the idle jet on the side of the carb with out removing it. I have a video on this called
    5 minute Quick Tecumseh Carb Clean . You can view it on my channel or just type copy-paste and search.

  19. Unfortunately Tecumseh stopped making engines several years ago. But the aftermarket for parts is huge and will be that way for decades to come. So you can keep them running indefinitely. I'm glad you got your Tecumseh running smooth.

  20. Is the float suppose to be level on all carburetors? I have a briggs carburetor that has the seat/needle, the float isn't level. When I prime it (5-7 times pushing red button), I can see leaks from top of the bowl area. It still starts/runs but after 5-6 pulls.

  21. Most floats are supposed to be very close to level. Priming that many times should cause it to leak out the throat of the carb. If it leaks around the bowl, the bowl gasket is bad and the primer button is very inefficient. If the engine isn't floading I would leave the float alone.

    Primer Button Function: Pushing the button forces air into the sealed bowl of the carb. This air displaces gasoline and forces gasoline up the main jet into the throat of the carb.

  22. Ok, but the float is sitting way up when it's close, I mean it's not even close to being level. Feels like the needle won't go into the seat.

    Anyway, I rather not mess with it and just get the bowl gasket and be done.

  23. This was a lot of help for me. Main jet on mine is plugged. Does all the gas for the motor have to come through those tiny holes in either side of the brass screw in plug (main jet)?

    Seems like not much could get through and I was about to drill them bigger, which would probably have fed too much gas to the engine.

  24. I know you uploaded this years ago but I wanted you to know that it helped me a lot. The video was grainy and the sound seemed off but it was the only one I've found for my exact carb. Thank you.

  25. can anyone give an opinion on my motor's problem? – I haven't worked on a small engine before.  
    anyway she's not starting.  i drained the fuel tank and put in new fuel checked the plug and took off the air filter.  i was able to get her to run (roughly) by spraying carb cleaner directly into the air intake.  so it seems there's a carb issue.????    if that's the case your video is gonna be gold
    but am i forgetting anything that might be the cause of it not starting / running ?

  26. Oh after watching this video i knew i forgot to replace the middle jet man what was im thinking about what about the bowl gasket if it hard should i replace it

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