18 thoughts on “Tecumseh carb rebuild!

  1. Good effort, young man! It's not going to win an academy award for technical brilliance, but it is very helpful and informative.  If we'd had this technology available when I was much younger, I wouldn't have to scour youtube at my current age to learn what you already know at 15/16 years of age.

    If I were to make a small criticism, it would be to turn off the music in the background when making a video such as this. It's not terribly distracting because it's not too loud, but if it's not intended to be a soundtrack, I'd turn it off entirely.

  2. I don't care what anyone thinks.  This was a good video.  I never rebuilt one of these little guys before and your video was the first and last one I needed to watch.  She runs great now.  Thank you for your great upload!

  3. Let me give you some good advice, watch a good video and practice and you will be a great mechanic. Slow down, learn the tech names and practice until it's right, watch your your own Vedic before releasing it.

  4. i took apart a Tecumseh carb yesterday and it was DESTROYED with rust. it was one of thoes things you open it up then you say "oh" then shitcan it!!!

  5. that carb was not worth a new bowl. it was too corroded and didnt work. basically i was giving one last chance while showing to to clean them. this one sat for 5 years with ethanol gas in it.

  6. Nice job! I've been trying to get my Lawnboy going all summer. Flushed the gas, rebuilt carb, messed with spark, and just messed with it. Tried your "clean the holes with a cable" trick and it started right up!

  7. Get some carb cleaner for cleaning the bowl and carb parts. If the bowl edge is too corroded put a new bowl on. They're cheap. The Tecumseh seat tool makes replacing the seat easier. Worth the money IMHO.

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