Tecumseh Carb snowblower cleaning 1 of 2

Toro and Craftsman included. This is a typical Tecumseh snowblower carb.
NEW CARB for under $20 https://amzn.to/1Qaefc6 in recent years China has released these carbs. I do think the original carb that is cleaned will work better, but these are a decent alternative if you don’t want to tackle the cleaning.

Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HNFUjgbJ0A

To see a the 5 minute Quick version to clean your carb: https://youtu.be/KYj5oH0vNVg


Toro CCR1000
HS & HSSK50, LH195SA
OHH65, OH195EP
OHSK70, OH195SA (Premium)
OHSK75, OH195SP (Premium)
H & HM80
HM & HMSK100, LH358SA
HH & OH140
HH150 & 160
OHSK115, OH318SA (Premium)
OHM110, OH318EA
OHSK130, OH358SA



50 thoughts on “Tecumseh Carb snowblower cleaning 1 of 2

  1. I have an Ariens Snow Blower with an 11.5 hp Tecumseh Snow king motor.  I am considering just buying a new carb, because I haven't had much success rebuilding mine.  Do you know if I can buy a replacement that uses the adjustable jet?  My current is a fixed jet.  The motor is an OH318SA.

  2. Thanks for the videos. I have to adjust the idle screw – it stall under any load with the choke off – but it runs now whereas it didn't before. I just tackled my first job and did my driveway this morning (with choke on halfway) so now I will tinker with the adjustment screws. Starts on first pull with the choke on full. Thank you!

  3. Dead on instructions….and the night before a snowstorm. Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together. I can leave the shovel hanging on the wall tomorrow!!

  4. If the green wire is off the terminal will the engine still run ? I couldn't get an older Murray snowblower to run and while watching this video it dawned on me that the wire is off the terminal. The machine is at another location so I just can't run out and check it. Great video I'll have to clean the carb while I have it open.

  5. Hey Bud, I have the same Type of engine that your working on that's giving me a headache. Every time I try Starting it, Nothing. But when I spray it with Carb, It will Start for a second & shut off. So I replaced the Carburetor & still the same thing. The gas line is good. Please help

  6. hi i have the same kind snowblower in your  video craftsman 5.5 hp i was wondering if you would  know what carburetor i would have to get for mine and why would it stall when i try to give it more throttle could it be water in the gas or dirt could u send me a link for the new carburetor so i could look it up    thank you

  7. Hello Ford I got a Problem With my Snowblower Same Engine. I believe it Might be the Choke.. the snow blower will run fine till it warms up about 10-15 min.. Then it dies outs.
    I need to wait till it cools off or it wont start… Once it is cold again it will start up fine…  Any sugestions on this thanks…

  8. I rarely find what I'm looking for on these you tube videos. But this is EXACTLY what I was looking for and need. The gas is continuously leaking from my carb. I believe its my bowl leaking. The drain valve also appear very weak. I guess I'll do the full cleaning even though all I probably have to do is replace the gasket on the bowl and the drain valve. Good Job, Thanks! where is part 2 of 2?

  9. Thanks for the video it really helped me in getting my snowblower going . Especially the part about the pin hole on the jet didn't see it the first time I tried to get it going

  10. was just about to give up on this carb getting it to idle.  Cleaned it too much on and off 3 times, saw your vid and the magic idle hole on the adj main jet/bowl nut.  couldn't even see the hole. till I cleaned it with 0000 steel wool, and  yep it was clogged. Strangest place for idle fuel supply.   tuned carb and runs perf,  thx again for sharing

  11. I have this same snowblower and it doesn't run at all. I had it started and then it seems to lose power and die…the carb has been replaced. Any ideas?

  12. I have a newer style Carb with the non adjustable Main Jet. Would you clean that any different than an adjustable one in this video?

  13. Great video, people like you save the public a lot dough. Thank you for showing us. I'm already for the next storm in 2 days.

  14. How does gas get into the oil…I have a generator and a snow blower with the same problem…I have a habit at the end of the year to empty the tanks on all my machines and then let them run and stall before I put them away for the season…This year I filled the tanks with gas,did routine maintenance, started them and all was good…Three days later, no gas in the tanks and I could smell fuel mixed with the oil…The problem seemed to clear, but I'm concerned this problem may come back…I'd like to address it now, thanks Bob 

  15. I inherited a snow blower that is it running. If you put a little gas in with the spark plug it will run but i when it runs out. When you push the primer button nothing happens. if you cover the hole in the primer button you can't depress it. It's like pushing on a balloon. Does this mean the primer line and the carb are all just full of junk? Great video.

  16. I have an old Tecumseh engine from the 1970's. It was on a Sears machine of some type, and its model number is 143 627 012. It has double sprocket centrifugal clutch, and only two hours worth of use. My son and I want to use it for a go kart. Would you know of a replacement carb for this engine more appropriate for our new purpose, or should we try and get all the
    hardened varnish out of the original?
    thank you

  17. Greta video. Have this same engine on my MTD. It was running but bogging down whenever any load was put on it. Cleaned the carb, replaced the spark plug and checked fuel lines. Now it won't start. It'll start briefly if I spray carb cleaner in the carb but only for a few second then dies down. When I prime it, it doesn't seem to be putting any gas in the carb either. Any ideas? Many thanks!

  18. good video. Do you have to wear goggles and a mask when working with cleaning fluids? I've noticed a lot of warnings on some cleaning fluids about not breathing the vapors. I'm very safety conscience. Thanks

  19. Great video. Quick question. I changed my spark plug, cleaned the carb (using your videos) and put in fresh gasoline. Now, I want to say that the snowblower was running fine after changing the spark plug, but I just got this snowblower so wanted to make sure the carb was fully cleaned… so I cleaned it. Now, after reassembling, it was initially leaking gas out of the carb bowl… I fixed that issue by readjusting the needle on the float. My problem is now, the snowblower will start after pulling the cord, but it dies within 1-2 seconds before I can even turn the choke off…. could you please help? Want to get this up and running again before winter. Wish I would have never messed with it since it was running just fine, but I do know how to clean carbs now. I know this is some kind of fuel starvation problem within the carb but don't know how to fix it.

    P.S. – could this have anything to do with the governor spring.. I forgot to scratch where it came out of and I don't believe I have the spring in the right place, just didn't know if that could be a cause?

    Edit – must have been the governor spring because I hooked it up in a different hole and it ran like a charm! Thanks again for the great video!

  20. would this fix my blower not being able to blow good and always clog ? i can't even use it right now it clogs so much it seems to run decent but it's 8hp and is absolutely gutless ive seen 5 hp blow way better.

  21. hey sixtyfiveford  . my  mtd 8hp snow thrower is 21 years old I never cleaned the carb once but I allways run the carburetor out of gas every time I use it . well this year I went to start it and it would run for a second and then die . I watched your video and thought yagh I could do that , but wasn't so confident on breaking down the carb to the level that you did although I probably could have , I left the carb on the machine took the bowl off and just removed the main jet and sure as shit the little holes had gunk in them I sprayed the jet as per your video and cleaned the holes with the wire like you did , reinstalled and the blower is running like it is brand new just wanted to say thanks for making the video so so so much and keep making them you rock dude, I didn't have the money this year to buy a new one . thanks again man .

  22. You are the shit man. I will not be shoveling today because of your video. Thing purrs like a kitten idles better than ever and is a one pull start. I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU ALRIGHT!!! Thanks man.

  23. Sixtyfiveford…I TRULY cant thank you enough for doing this video. My pops had very similar model and never…EVER…did tune up and the night before a big snow storm we asked him did you check to see if it works, his reply " it starts up every year, so its fine"…Im sure by now you see where this is going. Wake up next morning to him stressed out cause it will not start. So I had a little fun with him first and broke his balls about not checking it and etc etc, then broke his balls about not having a smart phone, which if he did he could youtube some videos. Just when I was about to see steam coming out of his ears…I took out my Note5 phone, searched and found your video…did everything you showed and it started right up. Again, I really cant thank you enough for putting this video up! YOUR THE BEST

  24. bought a new snowblower used it once second time would not start brought it back to home depot, they said oil got into the carburetor. how is that possible

  25. Thank you, it's amazing what we can learn from youtube and your videos. You give us all the confidence to tackle what seems so hard yet is relatively simple.
    My dad has been trying to start his snowblower without luck and after watching this and following your instructions we got it to start.
    Now, I've found so much more on your channel that I'm checking out other things I want to learn.
    Keep up the good work.

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