8 thoughts on “TECUMSEH CARBURETOR REBUILD: Craftsman , TORO , Lawnmower CARB. Fix repair

  1. Good video, thanks for the info. After watching the process, I'm glad I just got a brand new OEM Tecumseh carb for $20 on Amazon instead of trying to rebuild it.

  2. My old Toro Personal Pace has a 6.5 hp Tecumseh engine, I think I got it back in 2007. The primer bulb cracked the other day, I need to order one from ebay. Thanks for the video, it helped show how to replace the primer.

  3. Very comprehensive tutorial. You have an impressive mastery of this subject and a most articulate manner in the ability
    to convey your methodology. A professional instructor could not have improved upon your style, Well done.

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