22 thoughts on “Tecumseh carburetor rebuild

  1. This is why I need my shop again….I could do so many more vids other than just drinking….Apartment living sucks! LOL!

  2. Thanks for watching! I'm hoping to have a shop again soon…6 or 7 more months. I'll be doing many more vids like this then!

  3. I have been looking for a shop that I could rent, me and a buddy want to get one so we can work on our stuff year round and have a place to just hang out…..great vids by the way.

  4. I haven't had to remove a welch plug yet…Its always been my philosophy that if the carb is that bad, might as well just replace it really.
    As far as removing them, you could use a small pick, or flat screwdriver and just pry them up. Installing them is tricky though. You have to line them up and with a center punch, knock them in.
    Its really a pain in the ass!

  5. MBYr31  ??  My seat doe's not have a ring on my LMH -K1 carb rebuild kit.. It doe's have 4 little diamonds on one side and nothing on the other..  Which side is the seat side and which is the carb. cast side..

        PS… Great vid…

  6. Great video, I have a Ariens 924039 its an old beast, I did a carb job, new fuel, and it has a new spark plug, but it won't run. It will run for a few seconds on choke cleaner any thoughts.

  7. 8HP adjustable jets  – Replaced governor & cleaned carb several times  Starts OK on full choke but even after warmed up needs at least 1/2 choke to keep going, Governor is handling load & unload but will suddenly need full choke to keep runnning. Does not seem to respond to main jet adjustment normally Could it be a problem under the welch plugs? or ???

  8. On my snow blower, the white rubber float needle seat you talk about at 7:00 always swells up to the point that it restricts and eventually blocks fuel flow into the bowl.  It might be what's happening to Dave Measor below.  I replace it with a new one from the 631021b kit, and eventually the new one swells up too.  The rest of the carb remains clean.  I can only imagine that the rubber seat is reacting to something in the gas.   I've replaced the seat with new ones 4 times in the last 3 years, and now it's due for another replacement.  I changed to non-oxy gas from a station recommended by my local Toro dealer, the issue still happens. 

    Does this happen to anybody else? (I can't be the only one)
    Is a different model of seat offered that's made from a better material that won't swell?

  9. Chris Preimesberger… is the rubber seat ethanol-tolerant? If not, and you're using gas with ethanol, what you describe is exactly what you would expect to happen. I have gone to using non-ethanol fuel for all my small-engine power equipment. I can buy ethanol-free pump gas locally, and for two-stroke applications I exclusively use the canned pre-mix from the hardware store.

  10. When you say the ridge of the needle seat faces down, do you mean it faces the carb casting or the bowl? Down on the bench is up in working position!

  11. Great vids! I'm working on a toro 421 that has been sitting for a long time. Doesn't even smell like gas anymore. Where do you find the #s to order a parts rebuild kit for this? I need to replace the Welch plugs on this carb. I have never done it before but there's only one good way to learn by digging in. When I press the primer I can feel air blowing from the area of the welch plug on the side. Plus primer and fuel lines need replaced. Do you know what to set the needles at to start for the first time? How did the 521 work out? Mine is in about the same shape.

  12. i Have the same carb. I put new seals on the new needles. Replaced the float, needle and seat. installed correctly. also polished the needle chamber. set float with the special hook nosed carb tool. even set it lower for more pressure to needle, with the lightest of pressure from my finger, the fuel will stop. when i put it all together for the 12th time, it still floods out the air vent hole. I can hear the float move. Why does it leak.
    Is the main jet supposed to be missing threads in the first third?

  13. awesome video!! I just bought the same blower this week and it won't start. when I put gas in and pull the starter cord gas would leak from the carburator area. do you know what the problem may be? seller told me the unit was tuned up with all new parts and then sat for over 5 years. the oil in the machine is clean. gold color. it wanted to start when I pulled the starter cord but then the gas started leaking out. any help would be greatly appreciated. you should also update the title to included toro 521 snowblower. stumbled on this video and really glad I did.

  14. Ah hell, throw that thing in a ultrasonic cleaner with pinesol and hot water & 8 cycles later like new. Just finished mine this morning, and it looked a hell of alot worse than yours and it started on fisrt pull, and purred like a kitten.

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