Tecumseh diaphragm carb 1of2 Toro S140 S200 S620 rebuild

Craftsman & others use this exact style Tecumseh Carburetor
diaphragm carb

PART 2: http://youtu.be/3JW_T33fPzk

2 and 4 stroke engines
Most commonly found on Toro S-620, S-200 S-140 and craftsman edgers

Most Carbs are going to have the gasket touching the body of the carb and then the diaphragm. Carbs with an F stamped on them like this one will have the diaphragm touching the body and then the gasket.

To Adjust:

If your needles were not set back to original or if they were played with you may need to redo the settings.

To start set them to:
L: turn it our 1 turn
H: turn out 1 1/4 turn

This is enough for the engine to run. Start and let run until it is warm. Turn the H out (ccw) until the engine stumbles. Then count the turn and turn it in until it stumbles. “IF” the difference between the two was 2 1/2 turns; turn the H out half the amount or 1 1/4 from that position.

For the Low side you need to manually hold the governor linkage-throttle to the idle position. Do the same as I described for the High side setting the needle half way between each stumble test.



27 thoughts on “Tecumseh diaphragm carb 1of2 Toro S140 S200 S620 rebuild

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Was able to revive my 620 perfectly with only the diaphragm. Was set to buy the kit and change all of it. Thanks also for the heads up about that little washer in the adjustment screws too. Totally would have lost that. I've had this sitting in a corner for years not wanting to clean the carb. Happy to have it back. This is a highly underrated snowblower that outperforms and is too easy to use. Again, thanks.

  2. I just got on of these for free. It delivers fuel from the tank but it doesn't get to the carb, the diaphragm seems ok but the primer bulb doesn't work once the diaphragm is installed. any ideas?

  3. The part connects to the muffler side of the carburetor screw. The coating of fumes on only one side of the part and the markings on the hole of the part, similar to the bolt, was the giveaway. Thank you.

  4. I shouldn't have removed the carb before watching your video! How or where do I go to see where part #36 goes? It appears to hang on the idle bar after honking iup the bar to the carb. The diagram is no help.

  5. I'm looking for a video on the Toro CCR 2500 that has a Tecumseh. The original carb part number on Toro's site is 632751 which I think has been replaced with 640308A, but I'm not positive. Does this video apply to it? Thanks!

  6. Great vid!! I just got one of these little beasts ,I was wondering if I can get a carb with a bowl and swap carbs…any idea??

  7. nice video 65ford, I have a 19080 s200 no main mixture, must of been a smog thing  lol.'
    I need to know the governor rod and return spring location  any help would be appreciated  thanks

  8. My parents just gave me their S200, that has sat in the garage for at least 25 years.  I just ordered a rebuild kit & new sparkplug.  I removed the plastic housing and can see how to get to the carburetor.  How did you remove the nut on the right side (behind the fuel line) to remove the carburetor from the engine?  I cannot get a wrench or socket to fit.  Thanks!

  9. my snowblower had actually sat for 10 years unused, to get out the diagphram i had to jam a screwdriver throught the center of it to take it off, and grind off the diagphram stuck to the body with the wire wheel on my dremel, it was that bad

  10. Great video! I have a 1982 version that has not run in a while. I rebuilt the carb exactly as you described. The only issue I have is with the throttle lever. I'm not sure if it goes on the lower part of the lever or on the vertical part. It's the only thing I can't figure out. Any extra help would be appreciated!

  11. Thanks so very much for passing on your knowledge. I came across your youtube channel recently and have gained so much by watching several of your videos. Where have you found is a very good place to acquire the small engine parts you use in your repairs? I have googled for it and find several, but wondered what you find as a good supplier. Thanks again for taking the time and keep them coming.

  12. Hey Sixtyfiveford! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time to do such a great detailed video. I'm in Detroit Michigan and we're in for big storm today. I first put the carb back together the same way I took it apart (which was wrong) and it barely ran. I started to worry because the storm is a coming! I found your video, reassembled the carb per your instructions and it runs like new! You were a big help! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  13. Start at
    L: turn it out 1 to 1.5 full turns
    H: turn it out 1 to 1.5 full turns
    That will get you started and you will have to tune from there.

  14. In the video it looks like you are counting "1 turn" as actually 1 half turn, and your "1 1/4 turn" is one half turn and another 1/4? I'm trying to find the stock settings to start with. My carb was so dirty I couldn't screw the needles in at all because they were too rusty.

  15. So I rebuild with cleaning and replace gasket and diaphragm. It will only run on choke.Do you think I need to replace the needle too?

  16. WOW, EXACTLY what I needed to know. Toro emailed me a carb service manual. So much for practical experience.. Probably a college kid, lmao. What good is an education if you WON'T get your fingers dirty and CAN'T use what you were taught?? Many thanks, 65*! That explains why I was having all the trouble. I primed it w/ starting fluid and it would run out the prime with the choke on cuz the starting fluid was sent thru other passages like you said. Then it would just die.

  17. Your carb is not an F carb so it goes: body, gasket, diaphragm, cover. If the gasket-diaphragm is reverse the engine will flood or run out of gas. Yes the governor si the thin rod from the engine to the carb. Do the "H" High side first. Then the "L" Low side.

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