Tecumseh HM80 Engine Part 8 – Tecumseh Series 1 Carb disassembly and rebuild


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12 thoughts on “Tecumseh HM80 Engine Part 8 – Tecumseh Series 1 Carb disassembly and rebuild

  1. At 1:37-1:43 you use a 3/8" driver with a screwdriver handle and a receiver for a ratchet handle. Is that a SnapOn driver? If not, who sells that? It looks pretty handy.

  2. That tool is one of my favorites. It is called a "spinner handle". I got it from K-mart many years ago. It is a "Benchtop" brand. "Benchtop" no longer exists. This particular spinner handle is 3/8" as you noticed. I am sure that all of the major tools brands carry such a tool. It works as a nut driver and a socket extension. If I didn't already own it, I wouldn't hesitate to get one! Thanks for your interest!

  3. Just happened to spot a Snap-On truck this afternoon and climb on board and the guy told me he'd never heard of a 3/8" driver. He had a 1/4" drive but I'd rather have a 3/8" and reduce it to 1/4" than the other way. Gonna have to try Matco tools or Craftman. Thanks

  4. I really hope you find something. It's my most used tool. It has a good solid feel to it. I don't think a 1/4" would feel as solid. Thanks again.

  5. what did you use for a solution in the ultrasonic cleaner? I use vinegar/water at 1:3 ration with a lil dishsoap and lemi shine to clean my rifle brass and then a baking soda solution and final water rise. Think that would work? 

  6. Good video.  I got a question though.  I'm having trouble putting the float pin back on.  Does the spring go under the two brass tabs or over?  It doesn't appear to attach right if I put them over and under the pin doesn't look like it's sitting right.

    I tried looking at where you re-attached it but I'm unable to see.  If you could let me know I'd appreciate it.

  7. Oct 2014 
    HELP… I have an 1985 HM80 on my Bolens snowblower. It was given to me about 7 years ago. Since I got it, when there's no load on the engine the idle goes up and down. When I put it in gear, the idle evens out and it runs fine. Any ideas? PS, I'm just about to replace the ignition myself, so I'm going to have a few covers off for the 1st time since I got it. Hopefully someone can tell me what to check or adjust on the carb. Thanks 

  8. 11/5/14- Well, I just rebuilt my HM80 carb thanks to this video. This exact OEM rebuild kit I found on Feebay for $8.99 and $1 for a carb mounting gasket. The rebuild went well. I ultrasonic'd all the parts and made them sparkle in and out. The carb looks better than new. I will mount and adjust it later today and see if it works- I'm sure it will. Right after I finished rebuilding it, I found brand new HM80 carbs fully assembled for about $22. on-line, so if you are not up to rebuilding yours, just know… you can still buy a new carb for low dough… but where's the fun in that? Thanks again for a GREAT video!

  9. This video was a life-saver. After fighting for over an hour with my MH-90 powered chipper that wouldn't start, I watched the video, and decided it was time to rebuild the carburetor. I had a parts kit already, but the easy-to-follow steps made the rebuild a lot easier than the last time I did it several years ago. Especially helpful was the trick of seating the needle valve seat with the punch. The careful manipulation of the "loaded" float saved me all the back-and-forth I did last time. The 11/64 drill check was very useful, as well. Once I got the carb back on the chipper, it started on the third pull and ran well through a big pile of limbs from pruning my 4 fruit trees. Thanks for putting this up!

  10. Hi slbg43, I have a "garden way' tiller with a tecumseh hm80 on it. Hasn't been run in years and sat under a shelter (dry) for maybe a decade, maybe more. I am fairly handy with working on my cars, but haven't dabbled in small engine repair. Are most parts still available for this motor? Without having seen your other videos on this engine yet, is it possible to get this engine going without spending more than buying a new engine? Or will it require more cleaning and less major parts than I worry about? (i.e. a carb rebuild kit is much less costly than a new carb).

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