Tecumseh HSK70 Rebuild – Part 11 – Deglazing the Cylinder

This is part 11 in a series of rebuilding a Tecumseh HSK70. This engine ran short on oil and the connecting rod blew.

Tecumseh HSK70 – 130292U
Simplicity 755E Snow Thrower


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2 thoughts on “Tecumseh HSK70 Rebuild – Part 11 – Deglazing the Cylinder

  1. Is that an aluminum cylinder? Is it ok to hone the aluminum cylinders, or will it remove the hardened coating? If so, how much can oit be honed? I've been looking for this answer and getting various responses. what do you say?

  2. Hello SBLG43 I have really enjoyed your videos.  Could you tell me what three sizes you purchased (I take it that they are the most common sizes for small engine cylinders) Thank you in advance.  Gene

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