14 thoughts on “Tecumseh PLASTIC BOWL machined mower carb rebuild part 1

  1. @thefrozendog …….. It's hard to say without having it in my hand but it definitely needs to seat together. I would suspect the the Venturi isnt going far enough down into the bowl.

  2. Just about the only vid I have ever seen on this extruded aluminium carb by Tecumseh

    THANKYOU, about to deal with one

  3. Hi,

    I know it has been a while since you posted this help here. I wanted to ask a question. on this carburetor, to remove the whole thing to clean it, all I have to do is to simply remove the two long screws? Correct? 

    I am asking because I removed them and the carburetor is still hard to take out. Is it something I need to tap a little with hammer?
    Thanks for your help and good work.

  4. Thanks for your videos.  I have recently taken an interest in small engine repair.  My latest project is a lawnmower with the same carburetor you show in this video.  So helpful!  Thanks!

  5. I have this same carb and every couple mows I have to take the bottom off and take it partially apart and simply put it back together. Then it will run for awhile until it starts to die. It will restart again, but the period before it dies gets shorter and shorter until it won't stay running. Then I take the bowl off again and look in there, and the above cycle starts again. Any idea whats happening here?

  6. Help! There's something I am missing with this style of carburetor.

    I have FOUR lawnmowers with this carburetor and I cannot get ANY of them to run.
    They all run for a few seconds with carb cleaner sprayed into the air inlet and then die.
    So I know I have compression and spark… it's a fuel problem.

    I must admit I cheated and only worked on the lower half of the carburetor. I don't have a female Torx socket to get the aluminum piece off the engine.
    I guess I should go buy a set just to make sure.

    Here's what I've done to each carburetor..

    1) Remove the lower plastic bowl
    2) remove all parts… float, needle, drain plug, main jet, emulsion tube, spring under emulsion tube
    3) Thoroughly cleaned the emulsion tube, confirmed main hole and side holes are free and clear
    4) cleaned main jet and poked a narrow wire through the hole to make sure it's open
    5) poked a narrow wire through the hole where the main jet sits in case that was blocked
    6) confirmed carb spray can travel from that hole and round the 90 degree corner up towards where the emulsion tube would be
    7) confirmed carb spray makes it from the gas inlet port through the needle seat
    8) confirmed carb spray can make it through the small holes adjacent to the emulsion tube hole (presumably these are pressure pulse ports fro the engine to operate the pumping action
    9) Blew into the gas inlet to make sure that the needle is open (to let gas in) and then closed when I turn it upside down.
    10) This is the cheat…… squirted carb spray up through all the holes in the aluminum top half of the carb (but did not actually remove the aluminum part from the engine)
    11) The square gaskets look good and the holes in the center of the gasket are open but they are not enlarged or torn.

    In other words… every hole I can see is clear and open… the float and needle are both operating as expected….there is gas in the bowl each time I re-open the carb so I know the needle is letting gas through into the bowl.


    When I put them back together… I get the SAME problem on all FOUR machines….
    carb spray through the air inlet runs the engine for a second or two but then the engine stalls.
    So I'm still getting gas starvation and I can't figure out why.

    Does anyone have a "silver bullet" that I missed here?

    The only possible remaining issue that I can imagine iare…
    a) The pressure pulses are not making it down from the engine into the carb to "pump" the gas
    b) There is a vacuum leak that means that the pressure pulses are getting lost.

    It's weird how FOUR lawnmowers all have the SAME symptoms using this carb design.

    Like I said, I will go buy a female torx and pull off the aluminum part of the carb just to cover all bases… but it's hard to imagine how that may change anything.
    I've already squirted carb cleaner up into all those holes.

    Thoughts anybody?

  7. I am getting a run and die situation on mine and I cleaned the carb out same carburetor first it was flooding I need a needle and seat but now it's a run and die that's it how is this possible when it's been cleaned out

  8. Hi I just cleaned my vector carb tecumseh from my riding mower I changed the seet the bowl is good needle also main jet with the spring is fine starts great after 3or4 min it starts to flood & spits gas into the air filter this machine has a diaphragm next to the motor & I also tried bypassing the diaphragm went straight to the carb still floods thanks

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