15 thoughts on “Tecumseh PLASTIC BOWL machined mower carb rebuild part 2

  1. Tecumseh vectored exhaust motors are nice when they run. They don't tend to leak oil around the filler tube but I have had problems with the sump gasket. On the other hand you can get the lower carb (bowl) assy for a little over 20 bucs and you get new primer and primer gasket (a coupla things that can cause you grief in rebuilding the carb) Nice job cleaning it up and excellent note about the carb cleaner fouling the seat. -mac the lawnmower guy in texas

  2. thanks for the show! but i am still frustrated. the damn o ring on the venturi stem whatever was goey on mine once carb cleaner touched it it was a mass of goo! I had to chekc wiht straigh acetone to see if that was the proboem. does the rebuild kit come with the o ring? you didnt mention putting a new one on. I wonder if its essential for running. i had no idea there was a jet on otherside of spring. mine never came out.but then again this was b4 finding your video.

  3. i wish they had manuals on this engine. oh but mune has a choke. i am curious to see if i can get cleaner to shoot out of little brass hole after i pull main jet nexttime im home. I had sicked on venturi stem without getting fuel. its carb i know because i put gas on aircleaner and starts right up

  4. The orings are generic and usually you can find them at a local auto parts store. As far as a rebuild kit goes, they may or may not come with them.

  5. Very nice video. Thanks for the great info. My riding mower has the older Tecumseh venturi Carb. It wouldn't start. So I fallowed your instructions and now it works, starts runs great on high RPMS & low RPMs , but dies out in the middle of throttle. Is it running to lean ?? Thanks

  6. I always just replace the plastic bowl after I clean them once and they still don't work.  Have any suggestions for after cleaning it really good, if it still runs badly?  Where is this carbs "secret" passage that gets clogged?  By the way, the star shaped ends on the bolts can be turned with a very small socket (I think 5/32.)

  7. I had a problem with mine would only run with choke on'turned out you were right about the jet swelling drilled it out a little bigger fixed problem

  8. I have one of these carbs that is giving me trouble too. It just won't suck up fuel Into the intake Iv had the whole carb apart.
    And checked and cleaned every thing. Float and needle are fine but venturie has a damaged O ring, the one that's on the bottom the only one lol. Main jet seems to be clean and carb is filling up so fuel line is fine.
    What else can I do ?

  9. Cool, that beats the old tecumesh carbs where the bowel gets corroded.  I have never seen a tecumesh carb like that on a lawnmower. What kind of mower was it and or engine model?

  10. where does that throttle hook up to? can you show the assembly at that part? my mower wont start and I already cleaned the carb and checked for spark, so don't know why it aint starting.

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