Tecumseh PowerSport Engine Problems EXPLAINED!

The Most Common Problems

Governor will wallow out causing oil to leak / throw out oil.

Block will warp causing bolts to come loose or break off

Valve Cover Breather Tube will break loose and not stay in causing oil to be thrown out

Head will warp causing oil to seep out.

Intake manifold where it bolts on to engine will warp also.

the mot common issues and problems with the 5 & 6hp Tecumseh OHH50 and OHH60 PowerSport or as i like to call them PowerShit Engines šŸ™‚



16 thoughts on “Tecumseh PowerSport Engine Problems EXPLAINED!

  1. and use loc tite all engines would be calledpoorly designed due to bolts shaking out briggs and honda included red loc tite works for bolts you dont regularly use if they keep shaking out it could be improper torque over tightening or otherwise

  2. for starters infor from an actual person who works on small engines not a kid saying "techumsee" its techcumseh as in suh not see anyways redrill gov hole add a bushing in with the right inner diameter problem solved cheap consumable part vs crank caseĀ  i have actual experience in small engines not kid stuff i have an actual shop further more quit "giving advice" its what makes work hard fixing people bad advice.

  3. Sorry Man can say that i share your opinion on Tecumsehs, got 8 TEC motors between 5 and 10 HP, they're all been on my kart running strong at one time or another (currently running a HM100 10 hp with Tillotson HL-360 carb and straight pipe) – check my channel for the proof.

    i run in pretty rough terrain, can't say that i've have any engines shake apart causing loss of oil, have lost wheel collars, loosened the axle bearing bolts, had the spline bolts pop out ofĀ  a wheel hub etc, just retighten everything and i'm back out ruuning. All my engines get regular maintenance when "in operation" and of course there's the common sense factor
    Nice Cat
    Enjoy your Honda

  4. +Faith LivingstonĀ if you remove the governor the engine will not run at all, it will throw a rod. or not run @ all. the governor gives it the torque to pull loads and stuff.Ā 

  5. +MelonNuts69 i never abuse my engines, plus i have 11 years experience in small engine repair, i have seen countless Tecumseh's have this same problem!Ā 

  6. sorry im her brother and yes there is a way to fix the leak all u have to do is remove the governor from the engine and take a pipe fitting and screw it in, you just wont have a governor anymore

  7. Is there anyway you can fix the leak at the Governor? mine is mint except for that, its not a bad leak…but i figured i should ask anyways. if i check it before i ride my go cart and make sure there is enough oil in it..(even if there is a leak) will it be okay to ride it?

  8. Try this tiy the gov wide open put 2 stroke gas drain the oil iet it run at 7000 rpm lest see how long it takes the rod to fly out the back it's fun to do lol

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