Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #1

Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #1

Remove Carburetor from Tecumseh Engine on Troy-Bilt Snowblower

Troy-Bilt 21″ Snow Blower Repair Video on Tecumseh 4hp Snow King HSSK40 Engine Part #1
Carburetor Rebuilt – Video Episodes will continue till project is complete by 31pockets

This video series is information based on the older style Tecumseh 4 cycle snow king engine’s that have a conventional adjustable Hi Speed and Low Speed fuel mixture settings on the Carburetor and dose not apply to some new style or 2 cycle snow king engines, check your unite to see if video series will apply.

Trouble shooting carburetor issues

after cleaning and rebuilding carburetor issue = [ The engine will only run if the choke is on problem] = Trouble shooting step #1 – Make sure the low speed idle mixture screw is open wide after starting the engine before turning the choke off, If there is no verification that the low speed mixture screw is allowing the engine to run rich or lean at low idle after turning the choke off, than this usually means that the low speed idle passage way still has a contaminated fuel block that is not seen while rebuilding or cleaning the inside of the carburetor. This low speed passage way problem lies under the welsh plug located on the side of the carburetor near the low speed mixture screw on most carb’s, some of the new style carburetors do not have a low speed idle mixture screw and are pre set or pre fix from the factory and only have the welsh plug.

Step #2 To clean and repair the low speed idle passage way – you must carefully remove the welsh plug then use a wire drill along with some carb cleaner to poke threw the epoxy like contaminated fuel block in this small Chanel that feeds the mixture screw the gas on the side of the carb. under the plug, after this passage is poked completely clean threw, a new welsh plug must be pressed back in then sealing the welsh plug with nail polish to stop leaks! nail polish is vinyl acetone base and will not melt or brake down with gas once dried out.

Most of the time when the low speed idle passage way has a block I will take the carburetor and throw it in the the junk and order a new one and do not recommend step #2 in less you have good mechanical skills.

[ The engine will only run if the choke is on problem]

The resound the engine will run with the choke on when the low speed passage way is blocked is because the choke creates a large vacuum and pulls the gas up into the hi speed jet inside the carburetor, the engine gets just enough gas to allow to run but, not run properly, so I hope this helps.


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13 thoughts on “Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #1

  1. I know this is an old video but finding information on this particular snow blower is difficult. Was wondering how it performers with those little wheels and can bigger ones be put on.

    I just bought mine second hand and it's pristine, even got an electric starter kit with it. Only 120 dollars, seems to be a good deal.

    O ya, got it home put gas in it and it fired up on the first pull!

  2. "Dances with wolves" explained to the tribe that Shaman Tecumseh likes to expose his rod. He's been doing it for years. Chief stood up, took a hit of smoke pipe and passed it on to the rest of the counsel.
    "Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home."
    said a great chief Tecumseh to a governor as he threw a rod. Indeed, it was a sad day when Tecumseh wouldn't turn over on a third pull.

  3. hey there.

    what to do when a tecumseh 8 hk snowblow engine dosn't tsart when it get gas, hawe ignition and compression ? just don't want to start ?? If it was a B6S engine it start at once! Why tecumseh hawe to be so different?

  4. @HarryHydro I'm glad that worked out! it doesn't take much for a few specks to shut the engine down after the fuel goes through the filter!

  5. @31pockets Howdy! Actually, what I thought was a bad primer bulb, was a fine brimer bulb. The hole was plugged! Whan I bought a new primer and seen it had a hole, I had to check the carb out. Had a little sediment, cleaned, readjusted, unplugged that primer-bulb hole, running fine! She's over 20 years old.

  6. Hi 1TINBEATER, and thanks for your email question? The Tachometer or Sirometer is easy to get, their sold through Briggs&Stratton part suppliers and are in the B&S Service and Repair Instructions for Single Cylinder 4 Cycle Engines. They are in this Manuel Book in Chapter 13 on page number 5 seen right at the top of the page, their B&S part number is Tool NO. 19200, I hope this helps. Thanks again 31

  7. 1TINBEATER, I also have the Tecumseh part number on the Vibration Tachometer Sirometer and it can be seen in the Tecumseh Engine Mechanics Handbook 3-10 Horsepower 4 Cycle Engines Manuel book on page 91 at the top. (The Tecumseh part number is NO. 670156) now this tool is the same tool for Briggs or Tecumseh, just the part numbers are different and you may haft to order it, I dont think theyll have one in stock? Before I forget 31pockets

  8. Thanks dirtriderkx500
    sorry I didn't get back sooner, I finely got the snow king last episode done today, anyway your extra cub engine is looking real good for my next snow blower modification project on my Ariens1136. 31pockets

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