Tecumseh V60 throttle doesn’t seem to have an effect (Small Engine Doctor Question)

This is a question for donyboy73 (or any other helpful youtuber, really), that I hope he can answer: why does this engine only really seem to run at a single speed (and at a speed I’m not sure is right)?

Any help would be appreciated: I have the rest of this machine pretty much finished, and it’s the start of mowing season, so I’d really like to be confident the engine is ready and start using it!

Lawn mower: 131.96270 – 26″ 6 HP Craftsman riding lawn mower

Engine: 143-196012 serial 9069 06132, which apparently crosses to a Tecumseh V60-70188G

I’ve done the following to the engine so far:
– cleaned the engine of carbon
– cleaned all the fluff and mouse nests out of the fins
– cleaned and set the points (it had no spark when I got it)
– adjusted the valves to the Tecumseh spec (ground the stems)
– replaced the spark plug connector (had old-school bare-metal clip that would come off the plug easily – now has modern BWD connector and boot)
– replaced the spark plug (stuck an RJ19LM in there for now since I had one – came with a ruined H10C when I bought it, apparently originally delivered with a J8C, and Tecumseh manual says now it should be a RJ17LM, and the engine is like the 7HP snow king in my snow blower that I got with an RJ19LM in it, so no clue what is actually the best choice)
– changed the oil (Twice, I believe, to make sure the old gunk was “rinsed out”)
– cleaned the fuel tank as well as I could (metal tank, so rusty, but I got most of it out)
– replaced the fuel line and added a shutoff to it (previous fuel line had in-tank filter, replaced it with a new Briggs one in the fuel line with the same filter specs)
– cleaned out the carb and replaced the float (and its pin, needle, and clip – and adjusted per your video and pg 19 of the service manual), bowl gasket, drain valve gasket, bowl nut gasket
– made new fiber gaskets for the parts of the intake from sheet gasket material
– set carburetor to the defaults from Tecumseh (middle of pg 26 in L-head service manual)
– re-installed the speed control per the Tecumseh instructions (top of pg 29 in 1998 L-head service manual)
– attempted to properly set the static governor adjustment per the Tecumseh instructions (middle of pg 27 in 1998 L-head service manual – “Service – Governor Adjustment”)



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  1. Any ideas on what I might be able to do to troubleshoot this? Is it safe to run like this? (If it helps any, I bought some oven parts through your repairclinic referral link recently, since you more than deserve it for the knowledge I've gained)

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