Testing a Briggs & Stratton 22HP V-Twin OHV Intek motor

We took a chance and bought two “untested, parts or repair” motors online from MEL-CO. We figured they would be seized or have thrown rods or something and we could rebuild them. This was the first one to show up, it’s from August of 2005, and was replaced under warranty about 1 year later. We were surprised to find that it had compression and spark. So we threw it on a tractor, hooked up a gas tank and gave it a try. Mechanically it’s fine, it still may have some problem with the stator or something electrical, we don’t know yet. But that’s small beans right now. I hope that the 26HP one we bought will be just as good. Oh, and we obviously forgot to hook up something to ground out the spark, lol!

UPDATE 8/1/08: This engine is now on our new Craftsman DLT2000 with pedal drive. It runs great!



38 thoughts on “Testing a Briggs & Stratton 22HP V-Twin OHV Intek motor

  1. lol I made the same mistake with my 3.5 hp briggs. I got it started and when I wanted to cut it, I didn't know what to do because I didn't have a kill switch hooked up!! My dad was like "just tap the head with a screwdriver so I did and it shut off. oops!!!!!!

  2. i got a 15 horse single for free- guy said it was knocking so he replaced it and threw this one in the dumpster, so i come along asked him what was wrong with it and he said it was knocking, i get it, gas, oil, battery and it started first try-and ran without knocking

  3. be carefull, briggs engines DO NOT like to run open head. i had a rod break in to 3 pieces and fly out the block. It was great but it sucked afterward.

  4. Does any know what makes my 22 horse power Briggs on a l-145 john deer . It surges have to mess with the choke a lot and takes a while to start.

  5. You probably left it sitting with gas in it for too long. The ethanol in the gas turns stale and plugs up the carb. Take the carburetor off, and clean out all the jets. If you're not sure, go to Napa and get the gallon can of Carb cleaner. It comes in a gallon paint can and has a basket inside. It's around $25 or so and you just take the carb apart, take out all the gaskets and o-rings (the stuff will make them swell up huge) and dip all the metal parts in the stuff for 30 minutes to an hour.

  6. Don't leave it in there for more than an hour and a half as the stuff is like an acid and can damage parts if left overnight or something. Take out the parts, rinse them off in water really well and blow them out with compressed air if you can to dry them. Replace any damaged gaskets and put everything back together. It should run like a champ after. What model engine is it? maybe I can get more detailed instructions for you.

  7. do you know how much money i make every spring fixing mowers on the side…..A lot!!! people dont know fuel + ethanol clogs up the carbs…

  8. Does anybody have any ideas as to why the Briggs and Stratton inva tech V twin 20 horsepower 656 cc motor for the craftsman right on tractor would all of a sudden not want to run after sitting for one winter?

  9. I have the same engine, and am having problems with it…..  even though it will run, it will smoke and bog down whenever you put a load on it… (i.e. turn the deck on).  I am told it may be problems with the governor but have not had time to look at it.  So just because you have it running, it STILL may have something wrong with it. 

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