5 thoughts on “(TGSBS281) Fixing The New Qualcast Lawn Mower (New Bolt + Emptying The Oil) With Crazy Joe

  1. Screwfix do a handy little oil extractor, but always make sure to run engine until warm, as oil flows better. Look for SAE 30 grade oil in a 5 litre container from motor factors, you will save money.

  2. Mate that oil really needs changing and flushing for clean oil, just get the cheapest engine oil you can find as anything is better than what you have in there, its so dirty and metallic looking because of the incident were it almost seized, so the oil is full of metal fillings that will wear the cylinder walls out even more than they already are.

    As a general rule you normally should change your oil on a new machine anyway after only about 5 hours run time because new engines have to "run in" which means they are very tight when new and they need time to wear into place, your engine will have run in now and on top of that had about 10 years worth of wear and tear due to that seizing incident!

    Get some fresh clean oil if you can and change it a few times to get the old stuff out, but remember its extremely important when your filling it up with oil to top it up a little bit at a time on a level surface, give it a minute to settle in the sump and then check your dipstick each time until its perfect.

    Hope it all goes well for you mate, keep it up.

  3. Andrew before you empty the oil you must run the engine for 4 mins because it make the oil rise and you will get all of it out. Having too much or too little oil is very dangerous. Before you go to do something on the lawnmower I urge you to google or YouTube how to do it properly first

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