The 150 Dirt Bike NEEDS a REBUILD!

Hey Guys, Migs Here! In this video, I am working on the dirt bike, a 2004 United Motors DTF150, and taking apart the engine due to it smoking really bad, I take off the top end, which is the head, piston and cylinder in order to find any carnage in it! Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Tell Your Friends About the Channel!



48 thoughts on “The 150 Dirt Bike NEEDS a REBUILD!

  1. yo whaddup migs, let me know if you ever need beasts/instrumentals for background music, I got tons on my channel. Also congrats man you are blowing up! I subbed around 7k and you would get like 5k views on your videos, well done bro!

  2. If you think you can take on a challenge I have a 1972 Suzuki tc125 that I bought for $20 it would be awesome to see someone actually care for it and possibly get it running again

  3. Dude that motor is fine. You probably had a sir leak or something that made it burn oil. Don't waste your time paying 100+ dollars for a piston just buy new gaskets that's all you need. Flip the motor upside down after you drain the oil out and let it sit like that to get all of the oil out of the crankshaft. It's a Chinese bike it'll run forever if you change the oil and fresh gas in it. Also clean the carb.

  4. Keep the piston and change the rings you'll have to change the rings if you hone the cylinder idk ring gap tolerance so you'll have to look that up. The piston is definitely reusable me I'd reuse it and not hone the cylinder as well as using the stock rings ot wouldn't hurt to find OEM or close to OEM ring gap specs and check those rings to see how much wear it has never hurts to check ring gap more or so helps so you know you dont have a ring problem. You can see on the head where the headgasket was leaking.

  5. Have the cylinder honed then have it mic’d(measured). That will tell you the exact size piston to order. You don’t want to order a slightly undersized piston or you will get piston slap. Piston slap could cause a lot more damage.

  6. replace your ol ring and your base and head gasket and the bike will be fine your rings are fine and your piston is also try this before you buy a piston since you have to get all this 🙂

  7. Just find some rings for it and it'll be fine. Theres no need for a new piston, just use a caliper and measure the bore and get a srt of rings 5 thousandths smaller. Also you dont want a smooth cylinder, you want to put a 45 degree crosshatch pattern in it to hold oil for lubrication. Just look it up on youtube, theres lots of cylinder boring videos explaining what to do. A set of rings shouldnt be hard to find if you know what size the piston is.

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