The 3-Minute Small Engine Oil Change from Briggs & Stratton

Changing your small engine’s oil at least once per season is vital to your engine’s health. Briggs & Stratton recommends an oil change as part of your pre-season maintenance activities in the early spring. Clean oil will help your engine to run cooler, maximizing engine protection and performance. The Briggs & Stratton Oil Extractor kit makes the oil change process even easier. In this quick video, watch how an oil change is performed in less than three minutes!

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13 thoughts on “The 3-Minute Small Engine Oil Change from Briggs & Stratton

  1. Can anyone please recommend the type of oil to use? 500 series Briggs and Stratton walk behind lawn mower. Weather here is usually between 85F-96F. I'd assume SAE 30 but is there anything else I need to know when buying oil for my lawn mower? First time for me.

  2. My B&S engine is made to be tipped to the side, and it highly appreciated; no fuel spilling and the oil drains out into a drain pan. Way to go ! While it's draining, it's a perfect time to take off the blade for s quick sharpen. — Everything one is supposed to do in about 15 easy minutes. I'm surprised this video is using a suction pump.

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