The Cat C15, C-15, and 3406 Engines. Know Your Engine. Facts, Faults, and Features.

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The Cat C15, C-15, and 3406 engines were Cat’s most popular and powerful truck engine for several years. These dependable powerplants had very few problems and could make it well past the 1 million mile mark before a rebuild. This video describes the model year differences, common problems, and maintenance intervals for this prolific Cat diesel engine.



30 thoughts on “The Cat C15, C-15, and 3406 Engines. Know Your Engine. Facts, Faults, and Features.

  1. FYI on oil change intervals I do mine every 25-30k on my ‘99 Detroit , did first in frame bearings look great. Almost ready to do the second inframe at 2.2 million but just going to put bearings in this time

  2. C15, basically a 3406E
    C18, basically a 3456E
    C27, basically a 3412
    C32, basically the same step up as 3406 to 3456.

    3408, came in mechanical injection-pump fueling.
    3408E, HEUI.

  3. Hey how’s it going I was wondering if you knew anything about a Mbn, and how to possibly get the most out of it like a 6nz , or better yet what components would it take to basically convert it to a 6nz .. and would it be worth it at all ..?

  4. What displacement is a c-15 6nz? Is it the same displacement as the older 3406e or is is it like a newer c15 acert?

  5. Hello I have a c-15 acert rebuild 3.5 yrs ago but keeps pushing water even after cylinder head and gasket replacement would like to find a more knowledgeable group to repair any advise truck still operating just want to fix the issue

  6. Damn bro your the truth!!! Was thinking about buying a 2007 T600 with a ywin turbo cat, even looked up a video about making it a single turbo…thx

  7. Hey I just want to know if I change the twin turbos on a cat c15 acert to a single turbo will decrease the blow by? Or if with less heat from the turbo. Will help the engine with the blow by?

  8. I want 6NZ. I had good luck with Celect Plus N14 Nut but was getting tired. And found deal that I was talked into so we swapped for 12.7 Detroit that had been rebuilt 150,000 ago. Change truck over to that and engine is puking oil in exhaust from cylinder. I’m jealous of all these guys with cat engines. Great videos AdeptApe. Been watching for couple years.

  9. I’m pretty sure you have your E model engine series wrong. The 5EK was the first E model. I had a 1994 379 with a 5EK and a 1995 362 with a 5EK. Then a 1998 IH 9300 with a 6TS. The 1LW and 2WS were the later versions of the E model.

  10. Only thing I would add is that the 5EK was the first E model, not 1LW. And 99% of crank problems were with the 5EK….in fact most 5EK engines will break the original crank at some point, but are fine after they are replaced.
    Also not mentioned was the 1MM 3406E which is the best cat engine ever produced IMO.
    Great video 👍 thanks for the content!

  11. Is it true that a 3406 generator engine will have different bearings than a 3406 truck engine? I was told I shouldn't buy a genset engine for road use refit.

  12. You studied and you know your stuff I'm very impressed I'm just watching your videos I want to buy a diesel pusher motorhome and I want to know the ins and the outs of the cat's in the Cummins

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